Travv In The Trap Lyrics (feat. Travv)

[Verse 1: Travv]
Back from the dead yeah im resurrected
Put him a grave then disrespect it
Young nigga never been disrespected
Cause niggas know travv stay strapped with a weapon
My niggas grimy straight up reckless
Put the metal to his throat like a neckless
Talkin shit is a mother f*cking death wish
I dont play i give him 6 from the wesson
Yeah i play with them Glocks like 2k
Head shot gonna knock off his toupee
f*ck around cook a nigga like a soufflé
So many bodies that niggas thought it was doomsday
We the shit so f*ck what ya crew say
My name all in they mouth like toothpaste
He talking shit we goin find out where the dude stay
Then we fighting together just like a crusade
Will ferrel you a funny nigga actin
My niggas really bout that action
And that metal sticking to me like a magnet
I keep a pump like a nigga asthmatic
Boy you dont really know me like catfish
I make a nigga disappear like magic
Catch him out in the street let him have it
Go to the funeral im shooting up the casket
Every time i write a verse im zappin
I been nice freestyling my practice
You really bout it lor nigga im askin
They call me hulk cause a nigga really smashin
Im really nice gotta stick to this rappin
Gimme a pen and a pad im snappin
Yeah i love spending money im flashy
But i grind for my girl and my family

[Verse 2: King Libra]
On denzel curry
These niggas they scary
My visions is blurry
I'm Gone off the Mary
I Rock with the blue like I am curry
Not from this earth
I am from mercury
Better have heard of me
Niggas thinking shit sweet
Till i pop they girls cherry
Virgin Mary
Nine lives
Tom and jerry
No nigga can stop me
These hoes wishy washy
The flow is so cocky
These niggas want beef
Float like im ali
I Flood like tsunami
Fold origami
Suicide bars
f*cking wit me
New religion that's black on black
Your new shit that's wack to wack
Hop on songs and spit facts to facts
Came into summer like I'm taking that
Niggas like how he bounce back
808s going click bap
Bop on that bitch like kodak
Death Star be the pack pack
Travy be gripping that uzi
Domo be whipping like tootie
Daniel in the cut it get spooky
I f*ck ya bitch if she bougie
I f*cked that hoe cause she choose me
She sucked me off like a smoothie
I got powers yeah I'm groovy
Zahny be bringing them groupies
Grinding grinding man that's day to day
Finessing finessing that's play to play
Sign a deal give it all away
Sign a deal give it all away
Grinding grinding man that's day to day
Finessing finessing that's play to play
Sign a deal give it all away
All away
Give it all away

[Verse 3: Travv & King Libra]
You coming out of baltimore
Shit go down like a toilet nigga
I ain't the one you want war with nigga
Imma hit em with a full clip nigga
Used to go to the store seen niggas really sellin on the corner nigga
Round here gotta watch ya back they kill a kid like abortion nigga
(Got the heavy metal running with distortion
We are not the same im a martian
Death Star running shit we in orbit
Cut that bitch off like I'm Ben Carson
Lib and travv niggas don't want war with
Talking shit then we hit you the full
Oh yeah you got some shit started
Put one tre to his back like harden
I caught him slippin like he fallin
Run in his house put his brains on the carpet
Treat my niggas like a busy streets gotta watch out when you cross em
Treat ya life like a light switch turn the beam on then i off him
(BMX like hoffman
Put you in a coffin
Coming at me
Man you better use precaution
Other rappers garbage
How you a bossman with so many bosses?
Murdering this beat
Leave it unconscious
I do not mean to
I don't intend to
Make amends with these fake ass people
My flow is nauseous
Cuddi be cautious
Know that I'm awesome
Know that I'm flawless

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Songwriter(s): Travv, King Libra
Record Label(s): 2017 Death Star Rec
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