Want Some Get Some Lyrics

[CHORUS by 151]
westcoast trippin - trippin
time keeps on slippin - slippin
westcoast trippin - trippin
time keeps on slippin

if you want some get some
niggas down to kill
westcoast trippin slip and get your cap peeled
on the real
we down to ride on bustas that be fake
we be strapped down like the old west
crawl slow meet your fate
f**k you and me and the .9 milli sick S.
with soo much precision
leave AWOL in your chest
spelled with the ho's I left
all snitches put to rest
no problems to bring death
on any that try to test
so come get some

?? from my angle
none of that playin that shit that you been hearin
we're gettin our papparaz on
robbin 'em with the scarfs on
for the paper stand and stiff
they 'bout to the gift
patna rappin to the clips
gold knuckles to the dips
they're not fadin a operation
they already havin seal
niggas try get deny
later down no lyin kill
what you fear you can test
recognize we're from the west
bringin non-stop pain to your chest nigga

gaffle your thoughts ? plots
get you caught up with shots
it's all about whose trigger is bigger
who's strapped and who's not
so if you want come , come get some
bring the static we add it
nowhere you can manage the damage I deliver
I figure that if you got enough heart
to bring the funk let it start
the boss bitch up in this rap shit
from day one you was done
nigga it be me
they don't call me Marvaless for nothing
westcoast representin
disrespect we club the dub(W) in

[CHORUS by 151]

fairly even hit ya and we split ya
did you even see it comin
before you started runnin
stunnin , amazin
when the guns blazin
enemies start raisin off the turf
cause we're known to bomb first
layin in burst wet your T-shirt and get scurbed
that's how us niggas put in work
so if you want some get some
if not light and hit one
heavy like 10 tons
crazy on the gas when we've beamed one

want some get some
better not take some
I doubt you lived that long
my niggas pack chrome tech .9's
bustin while cuzzin lettin out frustration
lookin for drive-byes rollin in a '65
Perry Mason dressed in all black
Ski masks down f**k probation
you disrespected
so I gives a damn about catchin cases
Rapin' niggas like bitches
got 'em comin out clothes like ho's
break up the chopper then popp him
melt 'em down like gum

[Killa Tay]
want some get some
better not take some
breaks 'em off properly
feds still watchin me
bitches still jockin me
sceemin on my property
like monopoly
cause we're clockin Geez
like a teller at the bank
sprayin on the Tommy
cause I'm smellin like the dank
Ho's tryin to talk bad
but I never sweat it
so shut your f**kin mouth and
lets your name ??
hard headed young bucks
showin off they heat
but I got mine too
always on the creep
AWOL'in for life
callin shots in every hood
got the white man hatin
like my name was Tiger Woods
but it's all good


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