Always Gifted Lyrics

-Always Gifted-


Always gifted, since I was a cub
Now that I can rap, everybody show me love
And since I rap, oh yeah I also sing
And rock I'm doing that, basically everything


I was always gifted, always strapped
I ain't talking steal though cause I don't roll like that
though I know some people you would never ever wanna brawl with
Yeah they dump shot's you can call em alcoholics
Any type of talk is cheap unless your talking money
In my city yeah they love me cause I Chris Brown run it
Any dough you know I suppose I gotta keep it coming
Every show I set it off like Queen Latifa in it busting
All I know is stunting, and all u know is bluffing
Set a standard every night let it burn like Usher
Higher than a plane my name Kidd Bravo
Women see that I treat em sweet, they all wanna follow
You suckers never there, you know I stay afloat
Tell em later chuck your deuces they mad they a joke
But it's alright, critics be talking but it's nothing
not being conceited Nike been stooped on how I does it
I'm the bomb like C4, but Wayne ain't drop the fourth carter
Always getting head or tail, I like to call it quarter
They tell me flow hard, erected while recording
In the studio, making amends while your snoring
Ya been sleeping on a kid but I never was a bed
Like neck & shoulders carry, yup I've always been ahead


Always gifted since I was a cub
Now that I can rap everybody show me love
And since I sing and rock I'm doing that
Basically everything you know proving that
You know I do it for the ladies and the money I deposit
And I'm all about my green cause it's veggies to my pockets
Every show I'm show stopping and I love the way she watching
Now later save it hater I see green upon my optics
So please with mugging me, you know I'm loving that
I'm speaking Guapenese, now get a load of that


Always this and I'm Always that
But they never said in public when they saw that cat
Treat these haters like extras, forget em they invisible
Wanna know what I am thinking what people consider you
Treat em like an interview, why you even bother?
Yeah the kid smart... consider me as a scholar
A lady wanna holler, But I'm blinded how I got her
Asking her about herself she said she single like a dollar
Since I'm vegan I don't mess with this so called beef
I'm more about the green instead of beefing you follow me
I'm vegetarian, learn about me for you talk skeet
I'm quiet but I don't fear another man or part beast
This is my life, call it on how I'm working
I do me just like your girl did a minute after flirting
Considered a blessing, to messes I been a burden
When it come to being me I'm meant for rapping like a turban
So think about it all, really I'm ready hoping for a rad year
Haters mad cause I'm better off than last year
Young but I'm ready heir to the throne kid
While the doubters make the face Home Alone did


Always gifted since I was a cub
Now that I can rap everybody show me love
And since I'm that, women they loving me
You know I love em back, respected humble lee
You know I'm always, always, ready for success
Won't stop until the stats arrive saying I'm the best
the best of the best

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