Intro Lyrics

[*chains clanging*]
You know what's going on man paper route business
The f**k

If it ain't bout money it ain't for discussion
Got the pocket rocket no time for tussling
All this money got these bitches in love with me
Wanna f**k me baby but ain't no cuddling
Pillow talking choppa chop ya like bucket shit
Let it burn. Let it burn yea that usher shit
Ballin hard nigga it ain't no sucker shit
Money talk yours funny Chris tucker shit
Niggas hate me but these bitches be loving it
Talking bout you ballin boy you be fumbling
Pull up 30 deep yea royal rumbling
Sexy tag on the back had to nut on it
Lumberjack from the back when I'm cuttin it
Got these big ass choppas we like some Russians
Cookie backwood, I'm pouring up 'tussin
Got my MC hammer you can not touch me (uh uh)

They do what I say yeah they call me Glock Bama
Like 2nd plate boy you better not run up
I'm getting cake and ain't talkin bout funnel
I get more head than some goddamn bundles
Finesse him quick he a duck call him Donald
Don't trust a soul got that from my mama
Don't trust a soul put that on my mama
Hell na (uh uh)
f**k these nigga hatin ima get this paper
I ain't Savin bitches I be Savin paper
I cock then shoot like mcgrady
All my niggas gs I ain't talkin mason
I just left from Portland ballin like a blazer
My niggas pocket watching know they'll take it
Bullets comin hot just like the queso
Pull up foreigns and you know we had to race em

I'm a dig dog baby you call me Clifford
Got a fn squeezing like lemons
Watch the niggas cause they turning like Timmy
I'm on this paper route you know the business
I'm the goat niggas don't call me billy
I'm bouta buy it nigga it ain't no lending
Young rich nigga act like some gremlins
Got your bitch open wide like the dentist
Since a youngin bitch I been bout the loot
She ain't let me f**k she blew me like soup
Tropicana call and I got the juice
I can hotbox in a coupe with no roof
Big backwoods blow like a flute
Glock hard when I cook and I shoot
Keep the rocket let it pop like balloons
Your rents due nigga it's time to move

Out the mud now I pouring in public
Sipping mud blowing bud with my buddies
Flipping hoes with my boys like the [?]
Skinny nigga but my pockets is chubby
Ain't bout the money it ain't no discussion
Ain't talkin money ain't talkin bout nothin
Don't give me somethin I want all or nothin
Don't give me somethin I want all or nothin

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Songwriter(s): Key Glock
Record Label(s): 2017 Paper Route Empire
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