One Wish Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Kerser's back, I'm back again
You heard off a friend I was relapsin'
That's not far off the truth being truthful
Felt suffocated, leader of the youth
What the f*ck? Who's statin' that?
I just wanna rap and leave it at that
But you can't at the hype that I'm reachin' all right
And it's kind of my life, did I teach them the right
Way or the wrong, were the drugs too much?
Or was talking bout jail and my buds in cuffs
Not enough honesty for the cunts who judge
Number one on the ARIAs, shut that up, hmm
Something up there
Never really care but the shit is unfair
That's just life in a general sense
Fight on, aim up, what you recommend?
You heard my opinion like fifty times
I get goosebumps before the ink would dry
The realest vibe you can ever find
Pop pill rewind then I pop, rewind
What I got is my, pride in my daughter
And I got April, who would have thought a
High school couple what perfect timing
And twelve years later the birth of Diamond
That's all you get about my daughter bro
Born Feburary this year, all I know
Is I never felt love like that before
They said I had a break but I'm back for more
It's why it's so dangerous, going against me
Swear it on God there is no other EMCEE
Done what I done, it was mad intense
Sorry baby Diamond, go back to bed, Dad's stressed
Oh the Kers has made it
His dreams true, they hatin'
I take flight with one hit
I did this off one wish

[Verse 2]
Take you back to my battling days
The young ABK shit, we started to faze
You can ask anyone from Greels to 6
We used to rock to them battles, we were real as shit
Five years before that, we were still raw lad
Young cunts down hanging out where you score at
Table turns, I'm the one you used to call Chat
Now I'm number one, what the f*ck we gonna call that?
Fall back, let me get through my
Rhymes 'cause I'm feelin' extra hype
Ain't nobody ever dropped a track this real
But in my own head, it's a drastic feel
I attack this ill with a packet of pills
That I happened to steal from an addict, it's real
Don't be forgot where he put the pack
Mediacted real slow, let me push it back
To a time where the people doubted Kers
A long time before they were shouting “Kers”
I was broke as f*ck, sitting on the train
With a few mates plottin' on the money game
'Cause the rain outside and they couldn't write
Random thoughts are hooked in my
Mind when I process like I'm a robot
Staying my grind and a win and you know Scott
Set a tone for the street to rap
They stole my whole style, I don't need it back
How many times do I have to prove
That I will not lose and you have to chose
What's right from wrong? I'm not your answer
I don't even know if I got the answer
Let's fly away, to a brighter day
Kers one did it, now you're wide awake
Life's great
Oh the Kers has made it
His dreams true, they hatin'
I take flight with one hit
I did this off one wish

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Songwriter(s): Kerser
Record Label(s): 2017 ABK Records Marketed & Distributed by ADA, a division of Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd
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