Da Kers Effect Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If I fall down, would you pick me up?
Would you come to the bottom and then lift me up?
Cuttin' off cunts, I can see they're fake
I can tell why they wanna be mates, they snakes
It's crazy days till I fade away
Forget who I am, forget ABK
Forget all I done, forget all the fun
Forget all the fame, forget all the cunts
Like wipe my brain, it's quite insane
Will you hit backspace when you type my name?
That's overthinking, where to go?
None of you cunts can scare me bro
Been through more, been here before
Had 'em all doubt me, now they need me more
What you meant to do when the table change?
And your mind play tricks in your crazy days
Catch up shit like Karma now
Had to give me Kalma to calm me down
Had to hit me hard, I'm sparrin' now
Rap turnin' into "Who be the hardest?" now, wow
Shoulda seen this comin'
When the scene was runnin'
Away from me, they couldn't keep up, I was patiently
Sittin' there like, "Who want a go?
Who want it with the team that everybody know?"
And everybody bitin', everybody writin'
Everybody fightin', everybody likin'
My clique, what you forgot?
Forgot what we did for the rap, you gronk?
Forgot if it wasn't for the Kers or Scot
There wouldn't be a scene for you nerds to rock?
Earn your props
I hear your songs, I turn 'em off
You fear the god, I burn the lot
You're not near the top, that's Kerser's spot
Like try break down everything
I did to push the scene forward
Off my own back
After being blacklisted from everywhere
So then I created a new scene
So rappers who would've usually been ignored
Now have an opportunity to get heard and get paid
That's 'cause of me bro

[Verse 2]
Listen up there, I slap your face
Let me take you back, back in the day
Two-thousand-eight, poor as shit
Kickin' them rhymes, they raw as shit
Made a buzz, yeah, but the radio
Would ignore back then, wouldn't play me bro
If you wasn't on the FM, you wasn't gonna make it
I was the first in the country to break that
I was the first in the country to face that
I was the first in the country to make rap
Blow up from the underground
No barriers to break 'cause I done 'em now
G.O.A.T, that's the reason
With another million, what's the meanin'?
What's the point in me braggin' more?
Reflectin' back, I'm glad I saw
Everything I did, everything that I fought through
Every single kid that is rappin' now, I taught you
Be yourself, don't change for them
I taught you that here in Australia, man
Get that right when they write the history
Don't twist shit, don't make a mystery
When I leave, I bet they miss me
Include this, I'm reppin' Sydney
South west, a monster
Get the doctor
Shoulda' changed me when you had the chance
But you try block me out so I had to stand
Up for myself when the public knew
Kerser fans were like, "f*ck you too"
Brang rap culture to the streets
I could go on forever, I'ma leave it to the beat

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Songwriter(s): Kerser
Record Label(s): 2019 ABK Records Marketed & Distributed by ADA, a division of Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd
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