Bloods Thicker Lyrics (feat. Rates)

[Verse 1: Rates]
Have every prayer answered doesn't easily happen
I'm just in love with the music, I don't need to be rapping
Leap into action with every f*cking beat we attacking
I speak in imagery, plus you reading the captions
Rappers acting out like sluts that are sleeping with rappers
I'm not speaking to them dogs, here's your flea ridden mattress
I walk into the booth and I don't need a reaction
I'll burn the f*cking place down until your speakers are collapsing
And yeah we be your attraction like a magnet but we rappin here
We never slackin off in tracks, [?] bash your ears
Exactly what you wanna hear, I'm attacking them rappers fierce
Slashin these rappers necks from one ear to the other ear
The success that we've seen, the good and the bad
The love for rhyming won't expire, have a look in my bag
Next to the weapon that I carry there's a pen and a pad
And lyrics that'll f*cking spin your f*cking neck till you snap
After ten years you'll see I'm a master with this
Pass me a spliff, I'm getting harsh within these bars I writ
They wanting beef but I can smell that they're half a bitch
Market fish, licking from your pussies when you start to spit
You can eat half of my dick, I ain't the radio type
I f*ckin' told you once before I'm ABK 'til I die
Fully independent rappers killing it with attitude
Pumping it until I cark it, something that I have to do
[Verse 2: Kerser]
AM to PM, I be slaying a beat and
I ain't ever gonna stop unless I fade into dreamin'
And I don't know what they been saying
I just know that we be killing shit
Set a blueprint and they bite 'cause it's really sick
Best admit the shit, I gave it all the green light
Brangin' street to mainstream and I made it seem right
I ain't the mean type but if they wanna f*ck around
It ain't nothing to hit your house with a couple rounds
Pay a stack on that, f*ck it now it's back to rap
Top the charts back to back, back to back
Then back to back
It's so simple, I've got a loyal fan base
Life give me obstacles, you know I gotta stand straight
Cooking pancakes, sipping on a lean mix
When I die, try keep up with the remix
When the scene died, who saved the street shit?
Thank me when you can, I just gotta feed this
Sydney raps, south-west swag
Whatcha talkin' out your mouth? That's trash
Still with the saddie bag stashed in the front seat
Still got these chatty lads thinking they can compete
With the sickest, ain't no chance for that
And your missus love the Kers when she dance to rap
I'm what the scene needed, you f*ckin' it up
Putting coke in your missus, straight up in her cunt, she's f*cked
[Verse 3: Rates]
We got that bad man, that aggression with rap
It's a lesson in fact, two images and you can't remember what you snapped
Crash, take 'em to your legs and your back
Every line that you ever crossed and tred in your tracks
We ain't generic spitters
Yeah you've all got the same [?]
It's funny when we rock up and they hit the legs like Usain Bolt
The same old with my team, and I will kill for all of 'em
And they would do the same so check these bangers, we recorded 'em
My brother is my blood brother, the cunt's killin' all of 'em
When it comes to real shit my blood's thicker than water yeah
We sparked a slaughter yeah
We started right there
We f*ckin' partied 'til there's fire in the quiet air

[Verse 4: Kerser]
The quiet air and we standing like right there
We can tell how they stand that they're quite scared
Right there, blood brothers of rap
Cunts running, you're whack
You catch one in your back
Since we stepped in the game, we come repping with flame
The name remains in your brain 'til you're aching in pain
But I just give you life through words, and it kinda spins me out
Doctors say I need their help but I don't feel like sitting down
I'm a man, I remain on my feet
I'm the rapper that these rappers are training to be
I'm the one of a kind, but then some of the time
So stress eats me alive, never run they will find
All right

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Songwriter(s): Rates, Kerser
Record Label(s): 2015 ABK Records Marketed & distributed by Warner Music Australia Pty Limited
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