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The Facts
Kenzo B
Hood Love Story
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The Facts Lyrics

(Like what, like what)
(Like what, like what)
Turn me up Lostboy

I don't get why you bitches be hating
How you feeling, we could get it shaking
It's up with whoever, it ain't no debating
Ally she with me and she moving dangerous
Every bitch that I'm with, she on go
Please come outside when we come to your door
You could keep the cappin' and the shows, when I see you in person I'm doing the most
Anywhere when it's lit then it's lit
Go get a life if you sucking my dick
Can't control when I'm talking my shit
Don't invite me to link cause I'm taking that trip

Top five real bitch don't @ me
f*ck all the talking, just send me the addy
If she chatting, I'm beating her badly
Flatten her out, turn that bitch to a patty

Like what since when all you bitches was tough
Let it rock but I'm hearing enough
Like f*ck it you p*ssy, I'm calling your bluff
Like huh, like what, like huh, like what

All of you bitches is punched
And I know that the bros know wassup
If they pass me the pole, then they know ima up

And I said like
Bout these niggas these bitches be shady
Now it's up yea she talking too crazy
I'm f*cking her up if she keep tryna play me
Hate my soul cause she know she can't take me

Ain't with the politicking or the dissing
And you bitches ain't never on missions
Like f*ck all this rapping, don't cap for subscriptions
And I know you can't take my position
A bitch run her mouth, but them hands cannot back it up
If you know you can't win why you acting tough
Sit her ass down all that tough shit I'm packing up
I don't fight got a blicky I'm tact as f*ck

Bop how I bop and a bitch never stopped me
Fake shit but she keep moving cocky
Maybe she gay and this bitch wanna top me
And she know that was never my body

Talk like I walk it I'm with it in real life
Let me know I can show you a real fight
Bitches be beating on Gerbs and get real hype
Take an L, I don't know what it feel like

Bad bitches only you know that we mobbing
Bitches punching on walls over comments
Big rich bitch, but in mommas apartment
Seems to me you ain't leaving no projects

Play disrespect then she might get her tummy tucked
On my bullshit, I swear never gave a f*ck
Death on them niggas that think they could play with
Told my brother move tact he gon stay untouched

Niggas ain't really promoting the violence
Said bitches ain't really on timing
Location on and you know Bando sliding
Tell C-Blu take me out, imma line him
(Young Devyn)

I don't get why these shorties don't like me
Think it's cause all these diamonds is pricey
Don't diss on the net, its nothing to indite me
Just pass me the tech, show you how to snippey
Kenzo hit me, she said it was lit
Couple rappers was dissing and almost got flipped
And for Alley I'm takin that risk, you was jackin' that smoke
Until your homie got spliffed
Like huh, like what
Walk in the spot and do what I want
If you move funny but you on the block
Got drop on the opp, want two in the front
Seat at the top, I been viewing for months
No I am not worried about you or your gun
Up it, bump it
I rebel gone dice it with two in the cut
This that, top two, not two
You talking tough but that is not you
You dropped a what but that is not woo
I done got me some luck and turnt up my few
I see the hate but that can stop who
I was born to be great that's why I'm not you
Diamonds on skate my fingers shine too
If I want to eat steak, I call up Dom Poo
This is the part where I talk my talk
Cause I heard she was doing the most
Caught you in person you wasn't on nothing
The look on your like you seen you a ghost
I don't know why they keep gassing you up to be a lil pup and compete with the goat
I got too much deposit to to see all the smoke
But you if you keep on rhyming you'll see what I throw
Sneaking on you is apart of my gift bag
I cannot beef with no kid I don't lift rats
Seen you unfollow me, that was your get back
Move like a man, we gone aim at your six pack
And I got one at the shot from your wig cap
Label told me to stay out the way, I was chilling too long
I get way out of place, I don't start with no song
I just say what I say

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Songwriter(s): Evan Moitoso

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