The Burden Of Forgiveness
Keenan The First
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The Burden Of Forgiveness Lyrics

Super, Super, Super
Super, You're so Supernatural

Super, Super Super, Super
Super, You're so Supernatural

You're Super, Super
Super, You're Supernatural

[Verse 1: Keenan The First]
This year I want to leave the country
And go far, far, far, far away and incubate in isolation (ooh, ooh)

I don't want to work I want to study (ooh, ooh)
And glues my eyes to the page, and undo all of my miseducation

(ooh, ooh, oo)

I want to rid myself of money, yeah
Because free labor built a strong dollar, now its a tool for domestication

But I remember the problems I needed you for, uh
Laying right next to your body to taste the euphoria
It was so honest for you
Harder for me
I'm a product of you
You're part of me (ah)
You're part of me
America, you're part of me
I'm part of you (ugh)
Imprinted on you
Imprinted on me, ooh ooh

(oo woo, oo woo)

[Verse 2: Keenan The First]
I don't pledge allegiance to the flag, I'm a black man...
Shackled bodies getting dragged, getting beat, getting raped
Getting hung from a family tree
They stole the roots off of my name I don't know my ancestry
400 years of crime and they granted them the amnesty?

America I'll assassinate you
Aqueeze my fingers round your neck until it decapitates you
And when your balls drop and you become a man I'll castrate you
Is this what you want to prevent? A black man with a mind?
Do the cat scan on me, really do it, this is what it looks like (uh)
Go ahead and kill me, please let me make my contributions
Cuz black bodies underground were the seeds of the revolution (UH!)

(Ah, oh oo, oh whoa)

[Verse 3: Keenan The First]
That hatred running deeper than the treble
Sometimes I feel I'm dancing with the devil
The days are getting longer on my schedule
I no longer argue on computers
Cuz we go back and forth like we're commuters
And there's no peace of mind in my future, future, future, future
Yeah, Until I forgive you
I believe in forgiveness
He forgave my sins
How do I forgive you for what you did?

And these are the problems I needed you for, uh
Cuz I ain't tryna forfeit my utopia
The righteous path is much lonelier
Tryna, fight for my people
And maintain the peacefulness
In my heart of hearts
I can't do this without you
It's not in my human power

(Oo oo, oo oo, oo oo)
Yeah, yeah yeah)


You're Super, Super, You're Supernatural

You're Super, Super, You're Supernatural

Super, Super Supe, Super
Super, You're Supernatural

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Songwriter(s): Keenan The First

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