O.g.'s Trippin Lyrics

[Kaydo] Trying to put him six feet deep; underneath the concrete
O.G. is back on the streets So niggaz, grip the heat; it's on once again
[Cell] While he soaking round the block, on the swing
[Kaydo] Fresh out the pe-en
[Kausion] Damn!
[Cell] We's out to be in this mothaf**ka for trying to loc up
[Kaydo] ?For hold up?
[Cell] Niggaz ain't gone choke up
We gotsta play another plot to put him on his back
[Gonzoe] And this full-prove nigga known missing on the attacks Where he at
[Kaydo] The last time I seen him he was toast
[Cell] Straight sittin' at the liquor store, coast
[Gonzoe] My temper's roasted
This nigga that snatch my hearing bone
Body slams sale would chase Cell all the way home
[Kaydo] So f**k that
[Cell] No, I got tha shit under control
[Kausion] The fool who put us on is the fool who get his head blown

[Chorus: Kausion]
O.G.'s trippin', lil' homies dippin'
why you wanna f**k with me
Fool we flossing, nigga this Kausion
sowing up the whole West scene

[Mack 10]
Yeah y'all niggaz got to respect yo mothaf**king G
Check this here, out of the whole terme I was locked
y'all niggaz didn't never seen me or wipped up
Ey Kaydo what you got on my set little nigga

[Gonzoe] We watching every move he make
Anticipating which bone to break
Grab my properties, bake em up and shake em
[Cell] I'm trying to lay in my cull connecting every bolo
Watch wings, stompin they mouth Trying to break his collarbone and spleen
[Gonzoe] We bring fast kicking and stitches, to bitches who trippin
Reveal the .38's for pistol-whippin'
[Kaydo] Man, I told ya nigga Kaydo was that corner too quick
I ran around the block and got the foot long clip
It's filled to the tip
[Cell] Straight prepared, full equipped
[Gonzoe] But no buzzin cuz catching the ale ain't the shit
So we went from the shoulders, mobbed the hood souljah
Set trippin Kausion. Dippin like I told ya


[Mack 10]
Yea ok ok Y'all lil' niggaz wanna do it like this
You must have forgot, I call the mothaf**king shots around here
and I'm-a have all your mama's crying

[Gonzoe] He played the big brother role, to other souls
Where I stay Pelican Bay turned the nigga the wrong way
[Kaydo] He smoked 50 sacks wit us till day get dark
Used to ? weed at the fiends ? at the park
[Cell] It's like one less [Cell & Kaydo one less] fool we gotsta worry about
Mopped his ass up the clap, Kaydo and [Gonzoe] No doubt
[Gonzoe] Kausion niggaz stomp niggaz the worst
f**ked up cuz you test us first

[Chorus x2]

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Songwriter(s): Erick S. Sermon, Parrish Joseff Smith, Marcellus Meador, O'shea Jackson, Fred Moore, Ronnie Moore
Publisher(s): Songs Of Smp, Gangsta Boogie Music, Copyright Control

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