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I'm making one more request, that you give me an answer. Yes, I'm angry, you have no right to treat me this way and I have no right to do the same to you. Give me your answer, yes or no that you want to try and have a real relationship with me? No, I don't know what your thinking, no understanding but I'm willing to try. I'll give up my home and all that I have for you and you know it so don't ask, the answer will always be yes to whatever I have to do. Maybe I don't love you but if I don't then why do I beg you to give me a chance, why can't I leave you to your own life and be with someone new? I have several chances for that to come true but I throw them away? All for you..freedom is another word for having nothing left to lose but I do and it's always been you. If all I say isn't LOVE, BABY then what is it? So maybe I'm a bit crazy, would you become board with me, I don't think so. And as far as os physically, If your workin' good then I WILL make you wish there were 48 hours in a day, not 'cause of what you think but I've got enough passion for ten woman but it's only for you, I feel nothing with for rest of the world's men. If you aren't working then I still want you, why.. Because it's you I want and need not just a body. Do you know what that's like, to want someone that much? That's why I say you own my body 'cause it only wants you,no one else..I CAN'T CHANGE IT and if I could I WOULDN'T. Please don't throw us away because we hurt each other..we can make that all go away. If you don't think I love you enough why don't you make my name known in front of the world, put my name on this web sight so everyone will know it's me..Go ahead, I'll let you, so you'll believe me. I can't do anything to hurt you and you know it except to get angry 'cause you won't answer me? I left you alone for 2 years when you said you were happly married and if you have someone else then I will respect that and you'll never hear from me again-I give you my word.

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