Look At Me Now Lyrics

yellow model chick
yellow bottle sippen
yellow lamborghini
yellow top missing

yup yup that stuff look like a toupee i get what you get in 10 years in 2 days

ladies love me on my cool j

if you get what i get what i get what would say?

he wax it on an off Mr. Miyagi
and them suicide doors Hari-Kari

look at me now
look at me now
ohh I'm getting paper
look at me now ohh

yeahh yeahhh yeah yeah fresh than a mu-what?

lil jigga bigga than a gorilla cause im killin every jigga that try to be on my stuff. better cuff your man if you with him, i get him cause he accidentally slip and fall on my crack.
oops i said on my crack
i aint really mean to say on my crack
but since we talking about my crack all you haters say hi to that.

im done....... no really though im not done
ay ay ay ay ay ay ay LETS GO!

cause im feeling like im running and im running and i got to get away get away get away. better know that i wont ever stop cause you know i gotta win everyday day.

see they dont really really wanna pop me. just know that you will never stop. and i know that i can be a little cocky ohh
you aint never gonna flop me.
every time i come a jigga gotta set it then i got it going, then i gotta get it then i gotta blow and then i gotta shudder anything the jigga think that he be doin' cause it doesnt matter cause im gonna dadadadada

then im gonna murder everything anything badaboom badabing gotta do alot of things and make it clearer to a couple jiggas that im always winnin' and i gotta get it again and again and again.

and i be doin it to death snd i move a little foul jigga better call a ref, and everybody know my style, jiggas know that im the best when im come doin this i be bangin on my chest.

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Songwriter(s): Dwayne Carter, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Christopher Maurice Brown, Trevor Smith, Jean Paul Louis Baptiste, Nick L. van de Wall, Ryan Buendia, Jean Baptiste Kouame
Record Label(s): 2011 Karmin Music The Complex Music Group
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andrea 06/22/12,22:06

karmin is so gorgeous i like this song when i do this rap i will be the most happy in the words!!!!!!!!!
shayna 05/16/12,10:34

Yeah karmens great and does rap this fast, almost as fasr as the guy who actually wrote the song, rapped it, and made it famous? It was twista not karmen eggs.
Hanna(Jennifer) 12/25/11,16:46

shoot! ang hirap! buti na lang di ako nag-iisa! ang dami din plang mga pinoy d2! dibale, malapit na lang mamememorize na!
jamie 12/19/11,07:56

you guys are too immature to shout proud that you already memorized that song! If you really did why don't give a record to prove that you really memorized it and go upload it on youtube! sheeeez!
tasha 12/17/11,19:12

Lol smh at myself! Now I know I'm not alone haha I've also been trying to learn this song after watching Karmins video:) great job!!!
KazekaGe 11/23/11,20:51

nice :DD i can sing it too..but it took me 3 days to memorize it :) you did it siz karmin :D see yah at studio
zhe 11/13/11,16:42

I'm getting crazy on this song lol I have it on my car and Im trying to rap it damn...am goin crazy I can do this lol karmin love u...my nephews love u too 2 year old and 3 year old
julie-anne 10/22/11,02:04

wow man that is SOOOOOOOO cool not only dark rappers can rap but even a white chick can rap WTF man that is gangster lol
julie anne 10/20/11,04:42

Omg i ghot the first paragraph correct and the second fast one because i love rapping lol well its pretty hard to rap I have to admit...lol
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