Im So Oldskool Lyrics

(feat. Brittany Marie)

[Intro] ugh! black traxx you putcha foot in this one! (whoo)!


we bringin' oldskool back, 80's automobile
nike air dunks, and my new pinks pumps
got that oldskool feel
check out my rope chain
brand new fit, retro jays
and i wont lose my cool
cause im so, man im so
--so oldskool!

[verse one]

man you can tell im so heep-hop
but i dont beat-box, i make the beat rock
whenever the beat drops
what up Cincy, we made it im here
in no time i went from the block to time square
dropped enough rhymes to survive four years
so i can just kick back, recline my chair
like can i get a moment alone
least a moment to roam
away from home where the rich folks walk at
try to put one in the hole where they golf at
where whoopins dont exist and kids talk back
see where im from man that shit dont apply
beef pop up, police dont arrive
but i still stay fly, i got that How-HE syndrome
like how he get those homie where he get them?
pull up in a rov, slide out in a bm
do a hour show, den slide out in a 3m


[verse two]

goodness gracious people c'mon
i came to bring the rain in the storm
i can't persuade the game with my charm
mic(jordan) couldna made the jay with no form
so let me inform yall
this my tour yall
i'll carry the city til my back is sore-dawg
pure classic, like my house
and thats my couch, make sure yo ass on the plastic
im back at it, right where im suppose to be
who you know more dope than me
who you know wit more flow than me
you gon need shaq shoes to find more soul than mewhen i rasie the heat, get low for me
when i-i say hey, say ho for me
light up a blunt-blunt, get blowed for me
now take ya shoes off, and feel the floor(flow) with me


[last verse 3]

mic check, mic check man here i go
lets take it back to the-back to the eight-zero
s-yes, lets take it back to the basis
where they rocked adidas, with no laces
pop-locked with divas in old basements
im so 80's, it aint no replacement
im ali with the bob and weave
im A.C. Slater when i lift the weight up
saved by the bell, no way ima fail
im fareal, aint no way ima fail
got some shit on my chest and i'aint no toilet
if u bout to have fun, then im bout to spoil it
i mean it, im heated homeboy im boilin
i mean it, im heated homeboy im boilin
lets get it on, im 80's to the T(top)
cause the rope i got on aint hangin from a tree!


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