Special Ed Special Head Lyrics

Special Ed Special Head By Kamikaze Loon
Special Ed special head-70 score or lower is what I get-I forever ride back
Like a Phantom Ghost on my enemies-I put my soul in a bottle of
Hennessey-and throw it in the seven seas-turn the fishes into magical
Rainbow Coi's-I'm G-Code the opposite of let's make some noise-I started in
The slums with my Boyz-I'm always enlightening my mind feeding dumb dumbs
To the void-cross my path as a black cat-I'll turn you into the most gifted
Top Dog that's the aftermath-sewing up the Universe -with just my most
Smallest puny verse-& with spider trapstar string-I use it to play my
Violin and make my sweet melodies-I'm so bad I taught Webster how to spell
Capital Felonies-that's why I grew up in jail with Geez-I make the Death
Row cells bleed-exorcising the tormenting agony-of prisoners lost souls
Tormented to never breathe-in eternal firey misery-I quake the sphere-with
My pen the reincarnated Shakesphere-I make peers-and break fears-you just
Fake peers-that shake fear-it takes years-to obtain wisdom tears-to she'd
Them is to live so to speak-I mold the beach-like Dean-turn it Koontz
Black-with morbid grams-of black sand-I prevent plans-sinister in a egg but
Didn't hatch-I burried them under the savage land-with the wanna be son's
Of sam-no returning after dispatch-if you nick to fein here's a nicoteen
Patch-I'm the hottest Kerosene to a match-the Devils Macob perhaps-Dragon
Claws are my needles for tats-Dragon Tears mixed with burnt ash-is my
Tattoo ink-they had to sink-just to learn to adapt-they had the nerve call
Me Sarin Gas-fried they nerves in half-no claps or lafs-just sounds of
Snares claps-on tracks-a One Army Walking Band Stand-blessing magical
Grams-weighed in the Devil & God's hands-that's the negative versus
Positive Triple Beam Scale-a Gihad is what sales-off of the scale-a war
Within oneself to stay clean or use-to abstain or abuse-will you win or
Lose-and do you choose-to use-the Chance, the Question Mark and the
Clues-use the free tools-don't let people freely use you-as a refurbished
Hand me down tool-the Jack Black of all trades-digging into brains with the
Black Jack of Spades-the King of the 4 Ace-I'm 24-7 live-like a 24-7 chat
Line-like chat with a agent-I made every map famous-the rap flow so trap
Contagious-you just a mac with no cheese-not even worth some Kraft Mac &
Cheese-you sleep on mats on Cheese-I sleep on metal racks off Morphine-we
Brother's like 2Pac & Mopreme-I'm so preme-I'm 4ever on Go Lean-f**k a ball
Blocking Soccer Goalie-put his soul in my Fifa Cup Bowl and blow green-you
Can't see my night glow team-it don't matter I still ran high or low gee-

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