Keep Tha Peace Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Kam (Warren G)]
Fool with the Compton life (it's likewise)
What would you expect and we both checkin' knots
Buckin' shots, the Eastside's no joke
So take a breatha if you neither a G or a loc
And you can catch me in traffic
Dippin' on gold ones under short skirts like a catholic
But some of y'all need to grow up
Settrippin' when I pass by sayin' (What them niggaz throw up?)
When they know where I'm from I confuse em
(Don't play don't remember uh.. here, Muslim!)
Everyday so I say don't get it twisted
I'm talkin' bout yo cap ol' chap if you missed it
But we only want peace
The real question is who down to make war with these beefs
Then which side should I ride on
Don't blast give ya brotha a pass say Aight go on
But be careful who ya hit up
Tryna get a rep or get that young ass lit up
So get up n stand up fo' this black thang
And yall brothers who gangbang, try to keep tha peace

[Snoop "Doggy Dogg World"] Put yo gun away run away cuz I'm back (why)
Hit'em up, git'em up, spit'em up (now)
[Kam]Stop the killing in the West and the East
[Kam "Peace Treaty"] For the sake of all tha homies that's resting in peace!
[Snoop "Doggy Dogg World"] Put yo gun away run away cuz I'm back (why)
Hit'em up, git'em up, spit'em up (now)
[Kam]Stop the killing from the West to the East
[Kam "Peace Treaty"] For the sake of all tha homies that's resting in peace!

[Verse 2 - Kam]
Yeah I know you wanna be a hog
And love doin' dirt just you and your roaddog
On a hooride you glide, throwin' up ya sign
This is Eastside BGs dumpin' with the nine
On ya own kind fo' a strike, but let'em be white
Then you pass by the ass wipe
Last night one time came thru the hood bustin'
Find both, devils I ain't trustin'
Us in the getto got it bad already
But always wanna go to war over somethin' petty
Steady puttin' work in on another Asiatic
Assemble automatic, causin' crazy static
Among brothers of the same flesh n bone
Just say the wrong word and it's on
A family feud, but this ain't no game show
We just both got tricked by the same ho
Oh but now you ain't down for no mission
On a crooked cop or a prejudice politician
Who you know can't stand yo' guts
So stay home til you grow some nuts
And just keep tha peace


[Verse 3 - Kam]
Now they say it's on with the essays, right
But I know Chicano pride
So let's raise better days in jail so I'm quiet
Tryin' not to get stuck in a race riot
I came by it when I hear "That's the enemy!"
Cuz I'm knowin' down deep they're some kin to me
Still I gots to defend mine
Between love & hate it's a thin line
So I take it witta grain of soul
Cuz I'n really not knowin' who to blame of folk
For this tension I mention the skunk
Got crews cavy, the blue-white punk
Playin' both sides against each other
Now that's the real mutha
You gotta join on to your own and question is can we
Keep it all in the family
Stop lettin' outside people in your circle
And take away everything that you work for
Show love to yourself if you're willing
To stop the killer, we could stop the killing
And you can keep the peace


"I know you got little guns...
Again the foolest thing you got in your pocket you need to be ashamed of
But I'm saying to you that with all your weapons, you're only hurting yourself
Why young people are dying in the streets of America
By the hundreds and by the thousands
It ain't white people killing us
It's us killing one another"

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