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What is it worth?
When our lives are on the scales with progressing
When our lives are on the scales
What is it worth?

How come they shout?
When there's no one there to hear them reaching out
'Cause we look the other way
How come they shout?

We spend our gold for a higher purpose, aiming for that dusty surface red
At least that's what they said
Friendly eyes but dark within, saying there's a race to win
People are dying but I'm taking off, taking off

What have I done?
Spent so many years preparing for this day
Yeah I spent so many years
What have I done?

They send me off their greatest hero
A million miles away to where oh no
Where you can never go
To claim a world not ours to claim
Getting close I'm not the same
People are dying but I'm taking off, taking off

What we tell ourselves is downright deceptive
It's all about perspective
What's right and what is wrong
The time is right to show a little compassion
Take a little action
Not just stand by
And not ask why
We race towards the sky
You people are dying but I'm taking off, oh God

Call me anything it's all the same
For what's in a name
I've seen a thousand horrors in these lands
Fought and lived, Blood is on my hands
I've tried to tell ya, time and time again but you said no
This living hell I'm going through you'll never know

And let the rain pour down
Let the shade of clouds
Still my raging mind
Let the chains that bind
Fall to the ground
Let this broken man
Escape the desert sand
And live my life like it's supposed to be
Pick me up and carry me

Looking down at the tracks
My million dollar grave
I'm so tired of faking a smile
Tired of trying to be brave

The more it hurts, the more this shadow falls
Burying all sense, it's thick damp and dense
A colossus on my chest
A city where the streets are paved with gold
But hapiness escapes both young and old

Some take to the stars
Some live like there's no tomorrow
Some work really hard
Or drink to drown the emptiness and sorrow
But we all run away
Sooner or later we run
They all run away
Til there's no one left for me to even say goodbye

We tried to tell you, time and time again in so many ways
You took what you came for then left without a trace

Are we just blind?
That we can not see the billions left behind
Are they the price we pay for peace of mind?

But I can't erase
The memory of the boy with the sad face
Still I looked the other way

It's just a pale blue dot to me
Somehow it's now so plain to see
This is all for us and not for them
The blind, the poor, sick and the lame
And all that love I stood to gain
Lost on a world I'll never walk again
As I race towards a bitter end
There's not enough pride to pretend
You people are dying but I'm taking off
Taking off, taking off, oh God

So come
Let your rain pour down
Bring those heavy clouds
We're all raging blind
Let these chains that bind
Shatter by the sound
Of when you lead us right
Out of the pitch black night
Back into the light
Back into the light
Back into light

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Record Label(s): 2019 Lars Granat

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