Eternalife Lyrics


It’s all good to have a house and expensive cars

Nice coats for your spouse and your living large

It’s all right to have Rolexes, to have a Lexus

Mercedes Benz’s, money that horrendous

It’s OK to live lavious you got to have this

advice in your life so that you might think twice

Why have these things that can burn in an inferno?

As for me I work day by day for something that’s

Verse one:

I can’t believe what’s going on now a days

Nothing but praise for these temporary material things

It’s everywhere I look on TV and billboards

In movies and magazine pages, even at the awards

Money, gold, fancy cars, diamond rings

It’s in the way that they look, it’s in the songs that
they sing

Not to put it down, cause money makes the world go

And even for a pound, people lay their whole life down

Now, I’m talking about idol worship, if money’s your

Then that’s when it becomes wrong and this is your song

I’m down with cash but it ain’t my life center

I’m down with the eternal having fun like Steve Urkel

See it’s the root of all evil man I thought you knew

So take control of it before it gets control of you

It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

So what you see on TV, most of it’s fantasy and...


Verse two:

Bling Bling I see these videos cats sporting diamond

Bragging bout what they own and all the joy that it

And I’ll admit at times my flesh be like yeah that’s

But the Spirit hits and convicts saying that ain’t

Don’t get it twisted or you’ll miss it living large
ain’t no sin

But you make mistake when you chase money instead of
pursuing him

I know we all struggle trying to live nice so we hustle

Caught up in the bustle trying to flex financial muscle

To meet needs, fulfill dreams and our desires

Everybody wants to be admired for the things that they

Ain’t nothing wrong with it if you’ve been blessed
problems start when emphasis

Is placed on making more money than righteousness

I sit back and observe cats who be paperchasin wasting

There energy trying to make a G and live the life they
see on BET or MTV

They don’t understand that rolle is rented

Gotta be back to the store by 4 or it’s a thousand
dollars more


Verse three:

It’s all good you want to try to prosper gee

You wanna be like Dr. Evil but your more like mini-me

On top of the world running things, money endless

You’d do anything for cash even if it left you

A tremendous amount of thought is very necessary

Better pray that your name is found in God’s library

Why have these things that can burn in an inferno?

As for me I work day by day for something that eternal

Its difficult to keep focus but remember this

Things attained won’t remain cause life is just a mist

The only thing that will last in not that ice on your

But things done for Christ and his purposes

So serve God and not money Serve others not your ego

Cause riches fly like eagles spread wings like seagulls

I’m storing treasure above heavenly currency

That’s insured by G.O.D not the FDIC

Chorus till end

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