Responsibilities Lyrics

Aye lawd
Knowledge aye

I got flows that I got to kill and people that I got to see and shit I got to do
I got flows that I got to kill and people that I got to see and shit I got to do

[Verse 1]
Put the pen to the page though
Like a canvas so I can let the pain flow
5:30 in the mother f*cking morning
Nigga waking up to go and get his younger brother ready for school
Said it's a hell of a task
That nigga never had a chance to relax
His father left when he was young
So he the man of the house now
But his mother wasn't nothing more than a fiend
Itching for another fix
Living with the pipe dream
Get the f*ck out of the house you got to go and get it
Ain't nobody gonna pay your rent and
Ain't nobody gonna put no f*cking food upon the table for your family to eat
You want to starve motherf*cker or do you want to survive ?
The only thought upon the young nigga mind is the way he maintains
And maneuvers through a plain
Full of snakes in the grass
And anyone is a seed
When you're looking like a meal
And they might just eat you
He's telling his brother to finish his breakfast so they can both leave
Gotta take him to the bus stop and every other day
The walk consist a different life story
Tryin' to tell him how it is and the way that the world goes
Everything ain't always gonna work out in your favor
But never lose faith
'Cause only God can save us
And do what the f*ck It really takes
To stay away from the streets
At least an arm's-length
Do not look for strength
Within the words of another
To cover an insecurity
Courtesy of a hunger
To hustle and get your currency
But never lose sight of the goal
That you're pursuin'
The reason you even do it or who it is that you're helpin'
Try your best to find a purpose
Diverted from any ignorance
And bust your f*ckin' ass to make sure that you're more intelligent
But try to understand that you must develop a plan
Never let nobody else make you feel less than
God damn

I got flows that I got to kill and people that I got to see and shit I got to do (do, do)
I got flows that I got to kill and people that I got to see and shit I got to do (do, do)
I got flows that I got to kill and people that I got to see and shit I got to do (do, do)
Young nigga on the motherf*ckin move and he refuse to lose
Don't ever get it confuse
Lawd !

[Verse 2]
Put your mother f*cking backpack on
We out the door in five minutes or less
Say "Yo, we really gotta go"
His mother banging on the floor
And she begging to get a hit
She feeling sick and he can notice it
He moving up the steps
So he can find out what the issue is
It wasn't insignificant
He went inside his room and saw his mother in the shit again
Running through the stash
He was feeling disappointed
Now why can't you be responsible?
Do you think that it's possible?
That you could be the parent
Instead of giving me obstacles that imma overcome upon the daily
Mom why can't you get a job?
And how the f*ck are you dependent on the shit that I've been selling so that we can keep the lights on?
You done turned me and my younger brother into a couple of victims
Of your addiction
But you don't ever want to listen
I'm trying to make it happen for us here right now
But with the way that you're acting
I see that you don't really care
She was already gone
Lost in a blank stare
It was at that point of time that he finally realized, it was hopeless
Grabbed his younger brother by the hand and said
"We really gotta go the bus is leaving in a couple of minutes"
They get to concrete and moving to get it
You better mind your f*cking business while we're out here in the street
I wanna show you how to be a better man
So that you can understand
Everything that shines is not gold
There's a woman selling p*ssy for the proper restitution
With a nigga pushing pills on the people to feel sedated
There's a body on the ground
But the spirit is elevated
Ain't nobody seen what happened
It's definitely gang related
Just another act of violence committed from one of the natives
I hope you pay attention
And see what im really saying
And sure that's a f*cked up lesson
I pray you never forget it
But don't ever be complacent
The skies your only limit
God damn

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Songwriter(s): K.A.A.N.

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