Spraying My Pen Lyrics (feat. Saukrates And Shad)

[Intro: Sample]
Turn the lights down low and listen to the masters radio
Get in touch with God
You're sittin' on a fence, you sit on a wall
Wasting time and you're trying to stall
But when the bough breaks, I tell you, my friend
I'm comin' downtown and I'm sprayin' sprayin'

[Verse 1: Saukrates]
Whether Rock-A-Bye, or Humpty Dumpt'
Ain't no apprentice, I'm Donald Trump
Get money, get money, I don't succumb
Stayin' in my lane, on a hundred meter run
My Usain Bolt, my insane quotes
Yes, I stay close to my enemy
No it ain't you; You wish it was
It ain't nothin' but time, so far you're a friend of me
Backstabbers, smilin' faces
I'm da Vinci with a pen and pad, go 'head and trace it
Picture yourself with all my tendencies and platinum bracelets
You still a bitch, I hang you with my bitch's tennis anklet
Beggin' my pardon, pardon my French but I leave you starvin'
You jivin' turkey, I'll let you watch while I'm turkey carvin'
Gone 'til November, dismember you while my guts enlargin'
Lookin' for sympathy, no empathy, shit, you a nigga in the wrong department
Next stop is the purgatory, let the universe choose while you're waitin' horny
Got my bread, got my bitch, not my house, can't pay to call me
Hang up the phone, I'll page you when you can play again, with a major pimp
Ain't talkin' 'bout hoes, I'll say it again
You f**kin' with a made man I'm sprayin' my pen

Sittin' on a fence, you sit on a wall
Wasting time and you're trying to stall
But when the bough breaks, I tell you, my friend
I'm comin' downtown and I'm sprayin' my pen
Sprayin' my pen, sprayin' my pen
Say it again, I said I'm sprayin' my pen
Sprayin' my pen, sprayin' my pen
Say it again

[Verse 2: Shad]
K-OS and Sauks tryna gatecrash
I just heard a couple AK's blast
I'll pull out my pen and spray cats
I'll pack a whole novel, my Great Gatsby
Ready to spray 'em if they gas
No facemask, I do it asap
Me and K dash, we laid back
That's my anchorman, we stay classy
That pen game, that stage craft
You know I'm crazy with it no straight jacket
That crazy cake, I don't bake that
So I don't waste stacks on no Maybachs
See I take the catch and I save that
When I make scratch like I'm A-Trak
And we blaze rappers, y'all rate that
That's slang from the place where I'm based at
It's where Drake's at, it's where I pay taxes
Van city out to H Jackson
Montreal out to H Fax
And we learn, y'all, I ace classes
I'm old school, like way back
Dwayne Wayne glasses, no face tats
No save as, just?
Y'all say good night when we say blat
No graff paint but we spray that
Me, Sauks and K-OS slay tracks
No graff paint but we spray that
Your body shows we slay tracks


[Verse 3: k-os]
You know when you love someone
And they love you too
But uh

Cataclysmic with a?
I'm a mystic lemme know quick, where my girl at?
Is she LA, in the New York
Is she back home? hood a new man swag
But of course cause he ain't me
All the rappers on the block try to paint me
But they can't see, cause I'm livin' in the water
And I'm comin' in the form of crystal herb tea
I'm not worthy like the? of the?
Damn girl, I wish I was your cigarette
Cause you zig-a-zig-a-zi so tightly
And I'm bad for your health but bitely
So, cause hip hop is punk rock
And it just don't quit and it don't stop
And if you mess with? and Saukrates
Then Shad-K's gonna spray and you'll get dropped, hot
Nobody's gonna stop our rise
To the top cause we rap like crop
Circles over alien race so face the facts
We? from block with platinum plaque
? Don't stop, get it get it get it when I hit it
I remain committed to walk her for a minute
Down to split the atom bomb, analytic
Cool, and I did it, split it with Glen Fittich
Wow, we're so alive
Dip, dip, dive, socialize
Tell no lies, Kevin?
Light rap's Al Iverson, I'm the livest one and Poseidon's son


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Songwriter(s): Kevin Deron Brereton, Shadrach Kabango, Karl Amani Wailoo, Nicholas Christopher Murray
Publisher(s): Warner Chappell Music Canada Ltd., Lounge Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Canada, WB Music Corp., Awet Music
Record Label(s): 2013 Crown Loyalist Recordings Under Exclusive License To Nettwerk Productions
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