Thirteenth Skull Lyrics

The chase:
Down into the tunneled maze of darkness I flee
Ultra violent tracker droids they nearly found me
Seek and destroy crimson eyes scan the void
Choke upon the dust as I avoid
Zero's my score as I chose to oppose the gods of war
Will never see the solar sons of Marfax herefore
Have seen the killing routine of all my friends
Nothing left in this world except my need for reveange
Phantom lives live a lie as we work upon the rock
Do or die as we strive to survive the paradox
Soulless eyes of the Core are always watchin' us
Slave across the broken landscape dawn to dusk
Born beneath the red suns to die a slow death
Soon the time will be upon me to take my last breath
Fearfully roam as I hear my hearts erratic tone
'Cause I don't wanna die beneath these darkened

The Minions of the Core:
We are the unborn Minions of the Core
Synchronous machines to rule the inferior
Initialized tactics prove avoidance a futility
Input destroy sapien for no compliancy
Binary data classifies target obsolete
Lasers stand by to pulverise organic meat
Isotronic optics analyze molecular disturbance
Track the lifeform then deploy for deliverance

The Cave:
Cryp of death as I feel the weight upon my chest
Dead man walkin' death row who's short of steps
Even though I stand alone the thought is ever dreary
I grow weary as I feel the end near me
Then I see what must be a simulacrum ahead
A strange glow where the darkness is shed
Like a moth to the flame drawn toward the eerie light
Wonders be told there it floats in my sight
A gleaming crystal in the shape of a skull
Ancient relic givin' out a wicked death call

I am that which was and will be again
A vessel of power from which time transcends
Proceed fourth to recieve true englightenment
As your mind becomes linked with the omnipotent

Words fall from its hallowed jaw like a mannequin
I backpedal trip and spin like a harlequin
Can this simple be imagery my mind has spun
Pray to my diety I don't become undone

I am neither evil nor your notion of good
I am beyond comprehesion hope that's understood
Now to your mortal mind this may appear obscene
But you have been summoned here for a greater scheme

How can that be when it's not a possibility
'Cause I was chased here by the means of hostility
Though I can't deny your powers do divinify
I choose my own "Shutup" what "Shutup" damned if I

You must see a vision for your time is brief
Mortality sneeks upon you as a thief
It is of a world made by a god's grace
Far removed from this tormented place
Close your eyes so that you may see
The utopia where you would truly wish to be

The Vision:
I fly beyond a blue hemisphere
Feelings of fear quickly disappear
Spiraling down to a dream sublime
Never have I seen such a place divine
Green canopies grow endlessly
Around cities that rest upon the shores of seas
Fabricated mountains florigy the sky
See soft white clouds floating by
Cool dark waters ripple in the breeze
Dancing rain whispers tranquility
A calming comes when the night unfolds
As snowy winter winds do blow cold
Stone highways disappear in eternity
As animals abound in the geography
People seekin' their own happiness
In this majestic garden of the truly blessed
Sound of laughter brings tear to my eyes
As music ascends the spirit to new highs
To live one day in this paradise
My empty life I would sacrafice
For a day in this paradise
My life I would sacrafice
For a day
I would sacrafice

The Cave:
Why do you tempt me what have I done
You show a fantasy that could never be had nor won

Lunacy's a myth by those who can't see
What you consider fiction is often a reality
I am the watcher of the oscilating universe
I see even those hearing this verse
To be true others watch you
There's indeed a greater purpose to this interlude
Now lay to embrace the sleep of the benign
As your cycle of life repeats throuhout time

Fatigue takes me as I try to hold on
While the skulls eyes are staring back from Babylon

The Dream:
In my dream the world does manifest
Passin' through city streets that are luminous
A woman goes by with beautiful eyes
If only I could be in this world and not a lie
Feel a dark presence as try to withhold
Toss in my sleep as my body grows cold
I see the shimmer of eden so sweet
As I sadly smile and begin to weep
As I sadly smile
And begin to weep

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Record Label(s): 2005 Psychopathic Records
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