Daddy's Little Girl (aka 'firestarter') Lyrics

Daddy's Little Girl
grew up one night last Fall,
when mommy died beneath the kitchen stairs
and now they cry in anger
'cause we won't come when they call
and they won't let us find peace anywhere
oh, but if they ever hold us,
I fear what I might hurl
for though they've never told us
Daddy's girl can burn the world

fire fire fire
from the baby in the pen
fire fire fire
is the lady's only friend
and if the dare the darkness
and try to hem us in
daddy's little girl
forgets the past
they'll find their firestarter's
grown up fast

Stallions running madly
with manes and tails aflame
pounding through my dreams
a nightmare herd
just running always running
not outdistancing the pain
but daddy's girl could end it
in a word
but I never want to hurt them
for I know that would be bad
but they push and hate and scare us
they don't know all I have...

I have fire fire fire
to bring monsters in the night
oh, fire fire fire
burns my life in hellish light
burning hands and burning hair
must I burn all I see
fury and the fire are close friends
and the firestarting nightmare
never ends

In the year we spent inside
learning how to heal a burn
light your match
before your eyes could see
but now something's going wrong
and we're trapped around each turn
locked within a cell without a key
oh there's nowhere left to run to
and there's nowhere left to turn
and there's nothing left to run for,
but there's something left to burn!

Oh, fire fire fire
warms the winter trees at night
Oh, fire fire fire
will make everything all right
destroy my life and family
as if you all were gods
but you taught daddy's girl
that flame is good
and firestarters don't play
by the rules.

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