Garth Brooks Lyrics

How I'm supposed to be grounded when they talk me up?
Got the strut, lotta luck but that nots enough
Got me stuck and I can't ever dip out
Hand on hand getting fans till I hit doubt
Chance, chance getting smashed taking hits now
Passed on cash for a smash with a sit down
Cast my hands so I can't ever give out
And ask why I am in a craft I can't live down
Listen a second the records I'm making are not for invading
So we ain't really talking bout nothing
No pressing my buttons
I'm pressing up covers
And getting it ready for everything we're building cause I feel like the pressure is coming
Kick back I'm a real one
Here's the deal no girl till a million
Yeah it's cool you can chill if you still want
Test your luck and get bounced like Billups
Change your behavior, can't wait for no favor
My days here get savored with way more than paper
Feel like I got it going on like all day
Fall in place or leave it like autumn is always
Squeeeak! Here my brakes when I roll up
Oh well get it fixed when I blow up
That day Imma sit say I told ya
Use a hundred, hundred dollar bills as coaster
My motor is older, pull to the shoulder
Realize that I have to raise up my quote
Been vocal since tonka, now vocal at concerts
My campaign is polished so vote me for office
Hey girl I'm accomplished
Young bachelor been enrolled in some college
Called it, got her, call me cause I'm ornery
Hit me on my line everytime like yoshy
Party? Always. Till she try to stop me
Said she ain't really feeling hanging with my posses yuuuck
Had to give her the duece
Cause I never met a woman that will give me the truth
Me, you that's a pivot or move
So either way we in it man were in it to lose
Back of like high heat, get back to my rhyming
I'd rather be back broken than back to trying shoot
That's a lesson learned
Usher in new day baby let that burn
Trust me when I say that I said it first
Never trust a girl who say she ain't a slut, but
What's a slut when it's girl and guy
And the girl gets hurt while the guy gets pride
And the guy gets to gloat while the girl gets shunned
In the end well they both become parents who stuck
I'm like, what up world?
Looking to the sky like what up there?
I'm tryna holler get a break, get lucky, get something
Maybe make it, make it great like Alexander The, ok
Had a meeting with a major, that was set up by a guy
With the label on his side and he told me that he liked me
And he'd do my A&R
It failed I won't name him, I've heard of second tries
Ok I'm not bitter, but twice 6 figures
Was taken and given it's more like a rental
Ask when you see me, I'll pass on peace treaties
Just pass with no greeting, the past is not needed I'm good
Never been a number TWO
So anyONE that comes well that's nothing new
Lots of stuff in the works that were gonna do
Biggest artist in my state without a country tune
What up Garth Brooks? Hi Mr. Keith
All respect, but respect back and listen please
My genre on lock now my aim is yall
Not some flop to be mocked or be taken on
Not gonna stop till I'm wrong or you hate it all... but I know you won't hate it all
Lots going on in these songs that I'm working on
Thoughts on thoughts man I jot to be perfect on

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