Fire And Ice Lyrics

Guess you do not know who I am
You must have forgotten me
That’s ok, here’s where it stands

I don’t care what you were thinking
Based on the past the truth’s decieving
No more excuses don’t give me your lies
You know they’re useless so don’t you disguise

Yourself to cover up what you had
It’s sad, yes, but it’s true
You had to hurt us so bad just for you

When you burned me
I was frozen in disbelief
One day, finally, I’ll see your face
And have you shamed and be disgraced
Tell me, what’s going on inside
Are you frozen as if in ice?
If so, here’s your price for me “not being nice”
I wanna see what you will be
When you’ve got nothing

You came in uninvited
You must have been so excited
But was it worth the choices?
Was it worth your time?
Was it worth the sorrow?
Was it worth the crime?

You weren’t meant to be there
You did not care
So now let me make all of this clear
Just so you can hear
Hear what you did to me and how I lost everything

It’s sad to me
Your mom and dad just didn’t care
Now you’re a man who’s lonely out there
What if they loved you, what if they cared?
You’d be happy so think while you’re in there
How do you want to come out of this?
Remember, you’re not missed
Your day will come
When you open the door and your
Heart’s laying on the floor

Don’t try to go there with me
So don’t you see
I’ve heard it before
You’re useless to the core
Don’t say it again to try
To cover your lies
It won’t work this time
So quit being sly
So as you came along
Took what don’t belong
Thinking you’re strong
But you’re really wrong

Influenced by others, evil had a plan
You made a stupid choice now look at where you stand
I hope that you’re angry and your head hangs in guilt
For taking away all the love that we’d built
You knew it was wrong, so why’d you do it?
I know there’s something there that you’re dying to admit
Memories gone, forever misplaced
What’s it like being a total disgrace
And if it’s really true that you just didn’t care
I’m glad you’re leaving and going down there
Did you wanna grow up just to be bad?
Sorry, dude, but that really is sad
Sad you grew up in a life full of fears
I can tell ‘cause your eyes are filled with tears
So walk away and do some thinkin’
And really try hard to find something to believe in

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