You Lyrics (feat. Joey Alana & Ebonie Gipson)

So I started to study myself, I found that most people don't know who they are. They really don't
Well, what do you mean? I know my name, I know my age?
Well, that's not really you though. You know, that... that's just it. If you ask the average person who they are, they'll give you their name; they'll say 'I'm Bob Procter', but I'm not. 'Bob' and 'Procter' are two words. My parents give them to me, they're called names. But it's not me, it's my name

[Verse 1]
Look, are you a bitch, are you a hoe, the answer's no
Are you the baddest bitch alive? That's a description so let's just set that aside
See that is pride, but what you see with your two eyes, what's in the mirror
That ain't proof, because I know models who think they ain't even cute
So who are you, are you your truth, are you trying to live up to somebody else's point of view
I'm five-foot-nine, but I feel like I would think the same if I were six-foot-two, true
Are you the result of the things that you never got through when you was in your youth
Am I the result of the things that I say or the things I do
Who, who, who are you? Not this thing that's walking by, not this disguise
I mean the thing that dreams at night when it close it's eyes
So you a doctor, lawyer, or cop, no that's your job
You not your pops, you not your mom
Y'all call me Connor but my name 'Juan' and it's spelled like 'Jon'
That's when I figured out I could be whatever the f*ck I want to be and beyond
So who are you? Are you your fame, are you that name, are you that chain?
You know you could change what's in your brain and still physically look the same
So no matter the things they see, don't let it restrain you to one lane

[Sample continued]
Then somebody will say, well this is me, but this isn't me either, it's my body. My body, my name. Who am I? Well, that's an interesting question

[Verse 2]
Are you your past? Are you that mask, conforming to everything around you that you perceived as bad?
You not that hair, you not them nails, I mean who are you when you by yourself?
Do you control your thoughts or you controlled by the shit you bought?
What if one day all your shit got lost, then we find out that the swag was false?
You, you you, let's talk about you my n**ga
I don't care how many these bitches you done ran through, I wonder what you trying to prove
To who, wonder what you trying to hide, wonder what you lack inside
Wonder who broke your heart once upon a time, now you trying to restore your pride
I can see through the lies, I can see through your vibes, I can see through
All the little fool shit n**gas be doing, no matter how hard they try
Who are you is the question beyond material possession, shit do you know?
Or everyday you wake up guessing then go to sleep and think with more repetition? Now look
All of the shit you got, will never hide all the shit you not
It's easy to be yourself when you block out everybody else, bullshit you not
You not no fool, you not these boundaries that restrict you to these rules
You not no paper from no school, see I know that, but who are you?

You yourself, gotta be enough, even when the going gets though
I know, what's in your heart, what's in your soul, are way beyond all the things you go through
Especially when the going gets though, I know
All of your flaws, gotta let them go
Way beyond all the hurt you go through
Never let them see you with your head down

And I believe if a person was to study that, and look for the answer, they'll find it. See, I think we live simultaneously in three plains of understanding. Spiritual creatures, we have an intellect, and we have physical bodies. But because we lack awareness or understanding of who we are, we're totally locked into a physical world. And, we let things outside of us control us. 95% of the population are reacting to life, they're not really living at all

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Songwriter(s): Jon Connor, Ebonie Gipson, Joey Alana

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