You Can't See Me
John Cena


You Can't See Me Lyrics

[Chorus: John Cena]
Your time is up, my time is now
You can't see me, my time is now
It's the franchise, boy I'm shinin' now
You can't see me, my time is now!

[John Cena]
In case you forgot or fell off I'm still hot - knock
your shell off
My money stack fat plus I can't turn the swell off
The franchise, doin' big bid'ness, I live this
It's automatic I win this - oh you hear those horns,
you finished
A soldier, and I stay under you fightin'
Plus I'm stormin' on you chumps like I'm thunder and
Ain't no way you breakin' me kid, I'm harder than nails
Plus I keep it on lock, like I'm part of the jail
I'm slaughtering stale, competition, I got the whole
block wishing
they could run with my division but they gone fishing -
- with no bait, kid your boy hold weight
I got my soul straight, I brush your mouth like Colgate
In any weather I'm never better your boy's so hot
you'll never catch me in the next man's sweater
If they hate, let 'em hate, I drop ya whole clan
Lay yo' ass down for the three seconds tan


[Tha Trademarc]
Yeah, uh
It's gonna be what it's gonna be
Five pounds of courage buddy, bass tint pants with a
gold T
Uh - it's a war dance and victory step
A raw stance is a gift, when you insist it's my rep
John Cena, Trademarc, you all are so-so
And talk about the bread you make but don't know the
recipe for dough though
Aimin' guns in all your photos, that's a no-no
When this pop, you'll liplock, your big talk's a
blatant no-show
See what happens when the ice age melt
You see monetary status is not what matters, but it
I rock a timepiece by Benny if any
The same reason y'all could love me is the same reason
y'all condemn me
A man's measured by the way that he thinks
Not clothing lines, ice links, leather and minks
I spent 20 plus years seekin' knowledge of self
So for now Marc Predka's livin' life for wealth

[Chorus 2x]

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Meaning to "You Can't See Me" song lyrics (20 meanings)
mark rosen April 8, 2012-12:11

well i am a ceo and this song is inspiration to me i am the ceo of wwe and we thank you all for posting what you think thank you
nikki manja March 18, 2012-11:01

i love Cena i love the street rap Cena u r so cool C-E-N-A baby we don't play. u beat rock at wrestle mania OK
sonia August 16, 2011-11:24

john cena is best. Everything which belongs to him is the most precious thing in this you cena.
paul May 8, 2011-8:28

this is my fav. theme song in wwe next is voices by randy orton then i came to play by the miz. U CANT'SEE ME!!!!
John Cena April 25, 2011-11:14

I know this match at Extreme Rules is a cage match where you can win by pinning either opponent, making them tap, or escaping the cage. Four words await John Morrison and The Miz: THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!
CENATION March 23, 2011-7:06

Miz, this Monday on RAW, I'll beat you and grab your WWE title at WrestleMania XXVII. And if you are not down with what I will do, I've got four words for yah: THE CHAMP IS HERE!
Jonathan January 7, 2011-18:36

John Cena is the best in the WWE,he never give up.No one can survive with the STF. Let's go Cena,Cena sucks
sourabh sharma December 30, 2010-9:39

JoHn CeNa Is My FaVoUrItE wReStLeR.....hE wAs TrUe SuPeRsTaR.....wE lOvE yOu CeNa.....KeEp WiNnInG fIgHtS..
m.gowtham chandar December 24, 2010-2:51

iam cena fan nexus r waste felous wade berrate r stupid person cena will be in wee with help of world fans club....
awaare December 20, 2010-23:29

that is very bad to fire john cena but even if wade barret fired john cena he would be one of the hall of famers
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