Limitless Lyrics

There’s no boundaries, the scope’s limitless
They tried testing this sound of his but found the flow’s vigorous
The man’s got bars like linekers
And all the talkers are never walkers like salt and vinegars
They’re just visitors, on an away day
Think their excursion could turn in to a massive pay day
Think the industry is still in it’s hey day
But the chances and advances are limited like their gameplay
So along with the lack of investment
Comes a saturated market and a weak f**king assessment
Dickheads convinced they’re making it but I guess that’s testament
To the blind leading the blind when it’s clear they’re f**king excrement
Think you’re the fifth element?
Mate you’re more like a character in a soap cos what you talk is so irrelevant
Lack heart, no sentiment, never resonant
Vocal abilities that of a speech impediment

Giants of the game they’re small miniatures
Think they teach at the school of rap and write the f**king school syllabus
But their bullshit raps are plain ridiculous
And what they write is so far fetched it’s fit for cinemas
Imaginations are vivid, takes em a minute
To conjure up their stories and start disgracing the image
Of the culture that we once loved
Its heart and soul torn apart by a bunch of ugly little dumb f**ks
You can tell that I love my art and I’m defending my passion
Cos using expletives on tracks is not the trend or the fashion
That could hold sway or influence
Proper music fused with the truth like coldplay and innocence
Blinded their ignorance they’re nothing but irritants
Try and act hard to cover up their impotence
Cos underneath they’re just a bunch of little soft cocks
Hot for seconds falling off then dead like little hot rocks
I’m back on it, talk truth, rap logic
This man is worryingly sick like bloodied black vomit
Stuck at the beginning still trying to crack phonics
Their ability to rap is at best spasmodic
You need to exercise lyrically and energise your imagery
Try feeding your flow with large amounts of anabolic
Steroids, introduce some spirit into your mix
The glass is empty and you are not the f**king tonic!

Now, don’t get it twisted unlike the rest
One thing I’d never ever ever call myself is the best
Sit at home continually plotting wealth as the quest
End up feeling helpless and stressed
Jimmy Davis man I’m selfless and blessed
I’m reppin all four corners kid to hell with the rest
I don’t need Hollywood to tell me how the devil is dressed
You can try your level best
But your level is destitute of any f**king rebel and zest
They keep, stabbing away but will never break through
Cos the industry to them’s an impenetrable vest
Tout themselves as incredible yes, but are incredibly less
I think I’d rather have my genitals pressed
In a vice, than have to listen to that terrible mess they call music
Couldn’t fly the hypothetical nest
Let alone build one for real
Give birth to an idea, watch it hatch and stay ahead of the rest

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Record Label(s): 2013 Jimmy Davis
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