Ode To You Lyrics

[Interlude 1]
Hello, we are not available now, please leave your name & phone number & we will return your call
Good morning babe, I love you very much
And I hope you had a good nights rest
Even though you barely slept
But you know, you get what I'm saying

[Verse 1]
This is my ode to you
Always had to put you first
That's what I'm supposed to do
Till everything went in reverse
And now I'm O for two
I lost the both of you
Always said I'm the one that you can trust
Had to prove it every time you tried to self destruct
And now I'm, stuck in this uncertainty
Stuck at a standstill (f*ck)
Just tryna help you grow
Too many things you been through that thеy don't even know
I know (I do)
Trust me I know
Just listеn to me
Could never say I ain't compassionate
Too many demons we couldn't ration with
And now I-
Don't know when we'll cross paths again

{Interlude 2}
Is it going?

[Verse 2]
This is my ode to you
Always thought that one day I'd meet an older you
Had a lot of hardships and growing up to do
Ain't have a choice, God said that what we had's enough for you
(Enough for you)
I remember walks on Venice until the AM
Now every time we talk it's hectic and full of mayhem
Got a lot of dreams I see where you can take them
"Don't wanna die too young" you said all that shit verbatim
Even bought a f*cking flight to save you (I did)
Tried to get you better but I couldn't make you
A force in your life I'll always be a staple
Can't do it all myself
No tango, but it takes two
You had me f*cked up when you tried to attack my mans
Thought you lucked up, now I can't be apart of your plans
(what happened?)
Lost your life at 22, drugs won the battle and
Now I-
Don't know when we'll cross paths again

John Green once said
"We can't know better until knowing better is useless"
So if I don't know any better
Please forgive me
And that's all I got for now

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Songwriter(s): Juwan Malik Davis

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