Free From Lyrics

She walked right into my life.
What can I say?
She looks at me through brown eyes, lookin that way.
Teasing me to fall in love for free.
For free…

Free from all societies burdens
Free from hurtin
Free from worse and burn your curtains by forcing musical sermons.
Free from your prisons.
Free from racism, classism and all attentions.
Flee from all suspicion under jeeps and flying ammunition.
Free from competition.
Now he’s just on his mission and she’s just fantasizing.
There’ll be no dramatizing this eve.
The harmonizing we’ll breed.
We’ll leave it on in our seeds.
The rebel’s rising. Don’t weep.
In heavy climates just breath.
Girl you can get it for free if you can see me for me.
You’ll never change me you see.
Coz I’ve been deep in this fight.
There’s something deep in her eyes that’s got me speaking my cries.
And sometimes deep in the night, well I’ll just stay up and write.
And she’s the light by your side that’s come to mellow you down.
Suckas hate on you now but there is hate all around.
So keep your roots in the ground young soul.
So keep your leaves in the breeze old tree.

Fall in love for free.
She walked right into my life.
What can I say?
She looks at me through brown eyes lookin that way.
Teasin me to fall in love for free.

Standin tall in the midst of all of this attention.
Feelin small in the hands of all this manic depression.
Over-indulging in anything that I was given
But tossin blessins like confetti was never in my attention.

So I’m off to andi end a place of serenity when I bask in the aftermath of being me.
Forever existing in the heart of mediocrity coz look in a mirror, you’ll see a little part of me that’s
Never eluding anyone coming to stop me.
I’m one of them soldiers you often catch on the brink of a revolution that’s on the same mission as anyone changing a sense of complacency keeping people from dreamin because I…
I’ve seen it happen. Them superfluous masses who couldn’t fathom greatness adding to the horde of nameless faces.
Humanity’s wilting. Reality sink in. Emancipating them people from being indoctrinated theoretically speakin.
Tears from the sky, rollin down the street as we walk by feeding into the scheme now.
Another grand illusion. Small pockets of truth.
Children want us to listen but we’re the ones confused now.
So here’s something different just for numbing your pain coz the world is confusing if you’re trying to stay sane and you’ll be stressing.
And learning lessons you wish I never mentioned. Twenty million times you’ll stand in the face of pure humiliation.
Walkin in circles and circles and circles and circles and circles sayin over and over and over and over in your head thinking…
“I don’t know where to go. I don’t know what to do when I’m feeling this way. I don’t know where to go…”


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Record Label(s): 2007 Midnight sun Records

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