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Trial & 39 Lashes
Jesus Christ Superstar


Trial & 39 Lashes Lyrics

PILATEAnd so the king is once again my guest.
And why is this? Was Herod unimpressed?
CAIAPHASWe turn to Rome to sentance Nazareth.
We have no law to put a man to death.
We need him crucified. It's all you have to do.
We need him crucified. It's all you have to do.
PILATETalk to me Jesus Christ.
You have been brought here
Manacled, beaten by your own people.
Do you have the first idea why you deserve it?
Listen King of the Jews,
Where is your kingdom?
Look at me. Am I a Jew?
JESUSI have got no kingdom in this world. I'm through, through, through.
MOBTalk to me Jesus Christ.
JESUSThere may be a kingdom for me somewhere. If I only knew.
PILATEThen you're a king?
JESUSIt's you that say I am.
I look for truth and find that I get damned.
PILATEBut what is truth? Is truth a changing law?
We both have truths. Are mine the same as yours?
MOBCrucify him! Crucify him!
PILATEWhat do you mean? You'd crucify your king?
MOBWe have no king but Caesar!
PILATEHe's done no wrong. No, not the slightest thing.
MOBWe have no king but Caesar! Crucify him!
PILATEWell this is new, respect for Caesar.
Till now this has been noticably lacking.
Who is this Jesus?
Why is he different?
You Jews produce messiahs by the sackfull.
CROWDWe need him crucified, it's all you have to do.
PILATETalk to me Jesus Christ.
Look at your Jesus Christ.
I'll agree he's mad.
Ought to be locked up,
But that is not a reason to destroy him.He's a sad little man,
Not a King or God.
Not a thief, I need a crime!

CROWDKill him, he says he's God, he's a blasphemer,
He'll conquer you, and us and even Caesar.
A-hahahahahah. Crucify him, crucify him!
PILATEBehold the man, behold your shattered King.
CROWDWe have no King but Caesar.
PILATEYou hippocrites, you hate us more than him.
CROWDWe have no King but Caesar, crucify him!
PILATEI see no reason. I find no evil.
This man is harmless, so why does he upset you?
He's just misguided, thinks he's important,
But to keep you vultures happy I shall flog him.
CROWDCrucify him! Crucify him! Crucify, crucify, crucify, crucify.
[Thirty-nine lashes, Pilate counts]
PILATEWhere are you from Jesus?
What do you want Jesus?
Tell me.
You've got to be careful.
You could be dead soon,
Could well be.
Why do you not speak when I have your life in my hands?
How can you stay quiet? I don't believe you understand.
JESUSYou have nothing in your hands.
Any power you have, comes to you from far beyond.
Everything is fixed, and you can't change it.
PILATEYou're a fool Jesus Christ. How can I help you?
CROWDPilate, Crucify him!
Remember Caesar. You have a duty
To keep the peace, so crucify him!
Remember Caesar. You'll be demoted.
You'll be deported. Crucify him!
PILATEDon't let me stop your great self-destruction.
Die if you want to, you misguided martyr.
I wash my hands of your demolition.
Die if you want to you innocent puppet!

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