Tha Break'n Lyrics

The Break'N

What's the plot son?
Yo Cuz, I'm tired of…., it's time to make moves.
Drinking all these booz and smoking all these L's ain't making no dough check it..

Ready your tapes, I want you to record this
Your choice, pay attention or ignore this
Mommy please, come off your cordless
Give ear to your boy, I'm more than sure this
Product I got, will get your mammary Glands hot
Sweep through this city like the crack epidemic
With factories shipping overseas, it seems to me
The plan of the school is keep us dumb as can be
Well f*ck that I struck back, it's Episode 1
Moving with more force than Obi-Wan
Someday, somewhere there's a better place for us
Where we can escape all the problem's facing us
Someday, we'll find a new way of living
Better shoes to fit in, new whips to sit in
Beds to lie in, five stars to dine in
Shows to shine in, eight bars to rhyme in
It's more than a dream, it's a business endeavor
What, you think I'm'll be poor forever?
I ain't lying, I'm out to make presidents
I'm not just a client, I'm the club president.

What's the plot son?
It's the break'n

Once my story gets told the rest is good as gold
The prophecy for the future, many records sold
Dollar bill, dollar bill put me up on your will
Should we go for broke and hope we gross a mil
But not the kind of meal that provides protein
But a mil that will buy you a share in a pro team.
Corporate America, they shun our slang
It's not that we're heartless, we're just numb to the pain
If it appears to you that we done gone insane
Then try to recall that we came hear in chains
And I Ain't trying to excuse fools who be stupid, dumb, and lame
If they be lazy fools they gone suffer hunger pains
While others grew tired and threw their hands in defeat
Jeremiah's like Mariah yelling I still believe
So if you see me in a three-piece know I'm feeling like a CE
O by the way you ain't know, we bout to blow

What's the plot son?
It's the break'n

In God we trust, make money we must
Gold-diggers lust for niggaz with surplus, thus
Simple minded fools lose their jewels
Smarter men then they will soon take their place
Jeremiah's on the rise creating enterprise
Hands in her dress moving up her inner thighs
Peep the way I dress it express who am I
Float like a butterfly from the gutter I
Grew like a rose greatest story never told
I treated karma good I expect seven-fold
Money come, money go, money no, money stay
Together we should stay until we old and gray
But if you wanna whore errand that's ok
Long as you know that you never leave me
And I ain't worried about the next man and whatever he sells
Whatever we sell, we gone prevail
Excel like Nextel, sales like sex sells, finally exhale
Light up a Cuban, blow the smoke in the face of the haters and the fakes
Poisonous snakes
This day is grievous for the disbelievers
Take a journey to the city, see if they'll receive us
And we're gonna watch our step so we owe no apologies
This is our monopoly.

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Record Label(s): 2006 American Dream Recordz

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