Light A Rainbow Lyrics

Verse: 1
This first taste of joy I brought for ya is colored as skittles riddle in riddles mumbles and spittal this here I bring to ya is more from the prayers of the withers sayers of the sooths that was said to the children scared cause the scarce desolate of the living chilling on the roof cause the water fled ran in the building he’s afraid of the rise not knowing how to float but he knowing how to climb though he been here many times like an arm full of watches this was no docket and he was no techno marine but it seems he was sitting atop a city under sea without an Ariel just an aerial view from a chopper it was weird cause he was used to those doing over blows just watching now they pull the watched out the trees relief

Chorus: 1x
When the sun lights the rainbow I felt tears of joy I’ve cries for you it leads me to surrender baby as a wave draining in the sand

Verse: 2
But before the water said dam hold me up there’s a storm on the shore and already I’ve begun to flow over ya cup I can feel it brewing sorta like butterflies for humans but more of a vortex for me see it’s calm where they can see but in the belly of my beast it’s ruins I’m nervous anxious worried at the implications that the land I oversee is a little bit below regulations so remain firm as you were at your inception and hold me down to end all speculation that if you let me down I could flood all waiting that’s the last thing I wanted to do to my people cause I love my people they even gave me a name Mississippi and I’m sure you knew this bit of information and even though they named me they never met the mother of me she’s crazy

Verse: 3
To that the dam replied water chill you’re so emotional I’m gonna do what I’m supposed to do and what I always will stand solid and besides it’s only off the coast of Florida be foreal we gon be here when it’s over just don’t overflow me and help the sun light a rainbow

Help the sun light a rainbow: repeat 2x

Chorus: 1x

Verse: 4
So the levees got their interjection on came stepping got their ran on parade on like dam chill water we understand your trepidation of a precipitation of a catastrophe we hold here now that the storms off the golf last night we was privy to something you might not’ve saw the army coprs of engineers came through tied c4 to us now we dynamite like James Evans junior bout to blow up like martin Lawrence too huh? There’s a conspiracy on the come up for the gentrification of your brother and placate blame it on your mother erase race displace faith in the governor cause he the same color late arrivals of assistance black water contract gorillas using the looters as target practice falsified media coverage if this.

Chorus: 1x

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