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Reincarnated Lyrics

Nigga diss me and got shit in his shit
He say he smokin' Ralo
Man, Foolio a bitch
I'll pull up on the six cause my Glock got a dick
But I'll jump out with the drac
And run him down and take a piss
How you rap 'bout gangster shit but you ain't ever did a hit?
Why you talk 'bout killin' people, you ain't ever shot no stick
And I wouldn't claim that shit if I was from the six
That nigga Zay spit in your face and he punched you in your shit
Ain't no nigga from the play
But I ain't no bitch 'cause I'm not one
All them niggas talkin' 'bout a stick but ain't got one
How you call this man a steppa but this nigga never shot 'nun?
[?] down, fled the scene, heard the cops comin'
Bitch, but it's Bibby in my blunt
I might try to mix Dank
'Nietri turned into some runtz
Hop out on a nigga block and I made his ass run
How you smokin' on my dawg and your body count ain't one?
Ralo died with a F.N.?
Well, Bibby died with his gun
'Nietri ass in the grave
Why they speakin' on Lil' Jon
Teki ass got slayed, he ain't have a chance to run
And I won't speak on thirty-five
P4K his ass done
Bronem made sum' shake with the drac and had fun with it
Went to church last week
p*ssy bitch, I had my gun with me
I don't wanna hit that ho, that p*ssy bad man I'm done with it
Four-five got a dick and that drac got a tongue in it
Bro just hit a nigga ass with the f*ckin' K
I can't speak on [?] just know it ate his f*ckin' face
You be kissin' on that ho
She ate the gang, how it taste?
Find out they outside and swing the flame like it's mace
Heart-stoppa', big choppa
Bitch my Glock like the [?]
I shot a trap down, make a nigga never see [?]
I ain't really sellin' shit man
You know that shit re-rock
[?] a nigga get them bands then go cop a plain g-shock
Dra-co is on me
I'll blow a nigga down
Shoot a nigga in his teeth
Run that nigga ass down just for speakin' on me (Bitch)
Rest up, Ra-lo
Choppa make a nigga lock like he in a figure four
Put that iron to his mind and just let that bitch blow (Bitch)
Nigga know how we f*ckin' rockin' nigga
Like cut out [?]
Ain't no kush in my pocket
Just big bankrolls and dirty dracos
Shooters on point they gon' move when I say so
Lil' Jock in the cut, he gon' f*ck around and give you a halo
Bitch I'm back
Nigga know how we f*ckin' rockin'
f*ck the opps, sixK shit nigga
Gang shit nigga
State-champ shit nigga
Nigga know how I'm f*ckin' rockin' nigga
Playin' football nigga
Won state-champ nigga
Don't get your stupid ass ran down stupid ass boy
Come here

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Songwriter(s): Jdot Breezy
Record Label(s): 2020 Hitmaker Music Group
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