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Pigs Theory
Jayy Grams
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Pigs Theory Lyrics

*Police siren* Do you have i.d.? Is that a pistol?! He's got a gun?! 

(Verse 1)
Piglets harassing me cause I'm the hottest kid on the block
Hands on their pistols contemplating bout airing a shot
They faking, I keep them bitches waiting
Steady and hella patient, dragging Jason up to Crystal Lake then
That's whatchu facing
Y'all opps be hating, I ain't finna behave
Like I'm a sucker cause you pussies working minimum wage
Or something, that don't regard me my salary is higher
Usually really humble but y'all got me off the wire
I'm on fire and it eats at you, hate the way I speak to you
Regardless if you got that badge, I see you as a equal too
So don't be tryna be fans pops, I ever get the chance
I'll turn you piggies to ham hocks, Saran Wrap
The body parts and I ain't even get the head piece
He spilling hella chitilings but bagged up the pigs feet  
That's a messy dinner they love to test ya inner g
That's why my energy is like a weapon in ya…brain nigga

(Verse 2)
I toke up on a Black n Mild I got some massive stressing
Why you always asking me can you ask some questions?
Why don't you ask this white lady clearly act like addict
They don't wanna fright Hailey doing crack in the attic
f*ck that bullshit, rent a warship, 54 clips
More grips to make ya pores itch, f*ck a foreign chick
Sore slick through coordinates, I'm an outlaw
The crimes I done doused off, they evil but they quite soft
I must say, the U.S.A. is pretty messy
From old goons with techs sprayin, world war what's next mane
And Donald trump is focus about getting rid of eses
All this bullshit yo it really got me vexed, damn
So you the least of my worries you cum garglers a officer?
My nigga, you a grown hall monitor
I start to fidget when pigs near me
So won't you fantasize while I describe the Pigs Theory, nigga 

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