Hotta Than Fish Grease Lyrics


[Hook x4]
Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

[Jayo Felony]
Can't see you where you run you boo boo
You might need me to come and teach you
Music is universal (what?) music is universal
So I rock the microphone with no planet and no rehearsal
I'll even rock a lil club for a small sum
Black, white, red or green that ass gets all hung
Dulo means never do like Twix I can't share
Stomach starts growlin at night and nightmare

Hot like fire, hot like cocoa
Crazy, loony, cucu, loco
Your style is doodoo, caca, guano
I know, you know, you don't wanna see me
Mano y mano, my lingo, my ammo
The Dulo, no demos
I sting hoes in limos
In the industry Dulo gon' be the tightes rap group
Cus me and Bullet Loco tight like Bro' and Luke Duke, HOT!

[Hook x4]
Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

[Hook 2 x4]
If it's Hot enough! Then we gon bring it out

[Jayo Felony]
We all get green when I come on the scene
I'm a stone cold Diego rappin machine
This is out of space so you know you can't fade us
In my boxers and Chuck Taylors
And my mission is to knock them boots
C-walkin on the moon without my space suit
From dusk till dawn you keep getting stepped on
Runnin and get more Lennon than John
When I say, "shake it, shake it, shake it" I wanna see ya
Got grass growin like Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia
In outer space we rocks the peep show
To all little kids we large like +Elmo+
Is it over? Hell no
Rain, sleet, snow
Then we takin rap all the way to Pluto
I got alias' bangin Dulo cus this DULO!
And they got greenery that we can all blow

[Hook x4]
Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

[Hook 2 x4]
If it's Hot enough! Then we gon bring it out

Tired cocks I splurge in it
Writers block? Never heard of it
I'm in the zone with Jordan and Larry Bird kickin
Wicked by nature you snitchin
You trippin, you flippin
I'll lace ya, disgrace ya
Misplace ya, lace you like the unos
This is for the whiteys
The blackeys, the cholos
You yellows, you aces
You earthly, you spacin
I just wanna show you how I get the waist men
Dead bye, the undercovers
Don't try them Dulo brothers
This vibe, and feel them brothers
Don't try and not to love us
Cus we always on point, and we always on cue
And if I give you this joint, man what you gon do? HOT!

[Hook x4]
Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

[Hook 2 x4]
If it's Hot enough then we gon bring it out

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Songwriter(s): Neamon Mccoy, Russell Brown, James Savage
Publisher(s): Bullet Loco Music

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