Vindicated Lyrics (feat. Mick Jenkins)

[Intro] Jay Luse
All this shit from being broke
All this shit from getting high
All the shit you can't buy
All the shit you dont roll
All the shit they can't quote
All this we getting close
All this is not life
All this shit but what's mine
All this shit from being wrong
All this shit from getting right

[Verse 1] Jay Luse
Still life, still bigger than we make it
Lungs stay heavy from the smoke
A nigga stressed out, oh no
But now I'm in my dolo
Motivation for some drive, my antidote gotta go, gotta go
Andalay so we be out be out
Can't cope with the pace in this city of mine, Lillia fine
All these whack rappers still thinkin that they dope, still one line can't quote for em
Really can't vote for em, I only get bold so I go for em
Too many niggas when I rap so much, had some issues in this verse I touch, clutch
Touch down on her p*ssy nigga
Throw down for my G's is foreal nigga
Im focused and dedicated it feels amazing, whats the motive, gotta ask yourself in due time I'm tryna pass the wealth
Yall niggas ride for ya niggas, straight die for ya niggas
Grab the gun [gunshots] take lives wit ya niggas
Spread some knowledge get some real money
There's one life that I'ma steal from ya
Knowledge is power, the time is yours, time is ours
Learn from history, dawg its not a mystery
Why they rob from the gifted
[?] buy ya hair, pray lord they listen
Like I hope they listenin

[Hook] x 2
I got motives, motives, power
Nigga here this time here is ours
Nigga here this time here is ours
Nigga here this time here is ours

[Verse 2] Mick Jenkins
Back when a lil nigga had it
Back when Karam was on the Mavericks
Back when I just wanted to ride wit my niggas, I would die for niggas, I'm alive cuz my niggas always hold me down
Nothin but middle fingers for police now
They just wanna hold me down for nothin bigger than blowin trees down
They just wanna hold me down, man how am I supposed to fight that
Hit a nigga then arrest em if he fight back, bitch I'm on the low end
I dont really give a motherf*ck where yo kite at, all my niggas hyped when the track hit, hype trap
Nigga get lit, get lost, get right back in it
My nigga you better get ya life back in it
Middle of the water, mind floatin like a life raft in it
Full moon walk across the sky like Mike Jack in it
Waitin on the niggas that might lack
Cop hit a nigga, I fight back
When you wrong I give not a damn
In these peanut butter loafers I get out the jam
Im too thorough, into yall plans, artsy nigga ain't you heard
Get a Q-tip on the renaissance man, and I ain't standing in no pentagon, man
Finna blow up, like the pentagon plans of 01
And I ain't changin shit or no one
Im here wit my niggas

[Hook] x 2
I got motives, motives, power
Nigga here this time here is ours
Nigga here this time here is ours
Nigga here this time here is ours

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Record Label(s): 2018 796663 Records DK
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