Somethin To Hold On To Lyrics

There's a lot of shit goin on up in my hood
I thank god I'm alive oh and I'm a knock on wood
Yea he go and walk through the valley of death
I know the lord got my back with every step
You see nothing here surprises me
I got a whole lotta soldiers down to ride with me
But lord please give me something to hold on to,
Something to hold I need something to hold

As I scratch the last days of the calendar
Niggas roam the streets with heavy metal like metallica
Pistols with the silencers
Killin solidiers softly
The crime pays a little but the consequence is costly
My cousin, I love em we go back in the days
But now he struggle with the monkey and he trapped in a maze
I still care for him
To tell the truth I'm kinda scared for him
Cause when he conscience he in rare form
But that's the story of his life gettin locked up or shot up
Or in somebodys kitchen on the block cookin rocks up
I think he lost hope when he seen them lock his pops up
Or when he seen his sister baby father get his knot bust
My grandmother complain and tell him make a change
But her thinkin is outdated she can't understand the game
Shyeah, hard time three to nine in a jailhouse
Is no different from slavin nine to five in a warehouse

Yo in projects shit is mad real for the youth
Niggas get I'll for the loot
The more guns ya buss the realer your crew
Cats carry gats concealed in they suits
Whether cee-loo craps or macks gorillas may shoot
When the eyes meet don't steer wrong and don't stare long
Cause niggasll kill for that when they be full of heron
It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How crews remain standin once the AKs thunder under the stun roof tops
Career thugs cook rocks
Then hit the blocks
To make a killin plus fame
Man they lovin this game
It's mega action the trees stay hot like sonars
Shorties with fly hair-dos get dipped or play the corner
Summer time they shine block parties galore
So many soldiers die they buy a seperate forty to pour
I knew this kid Larry niggas thought he was poor
But he had cream for days ran a solid scheme with Ks
AKs with the banana clips, rubber handle grips
The same nigga that got Randal hit
He livin scandelous
He used to pop no-doz so he wouldn't be caught sleepin
And he could'nteven walk around the block cause he was beefin
I say that to say this
That's ghetto everyday shit
Where slugs miss chipped bricks leave scars on chicks
It's kinda trife right now
But that's the life right now
And way back it was a half assed trife like now

Peace god what's todays math
To tryin to escape wrath
With two left feet, it's kinda hard to walk a straight path
Soldiers layin in gutters from god to greed
My old dad left momdukes and scarred his seed
We all family
But seemingly this cats can't stand me
Haters gunna hate be it a lexus or a camry
Understand me
But do the knowledge first swallow my verse
Which is my universe
God obeys no thirst
Fallen angels in the ghetto tradin in they wings for things
Semiautomatic machines with red beams
Street magicians convertin to crack and the cream
Sat back saw em turn black zack to a fiend
Hes a teacher
Had a fly daughter named lakeisha
If you hustle have a beeper smoke reefer ya can freak her
I seen her givin head inside the club behind the speaker
Last year she had three abortions for the preacher
And one miscarriage for this kid they call Harris
He told her that her loved her and hes moving her to paris
She fell for it
Touched her third rail for it (uh)
And next year she woulda been sixteen
Once told me that she wanted to go to god get clean
So she could be a role model for her brother Eugene
Hes a beautiful seed
Eight years and can't read
At night his ashtma so bad he can't breathe
He wants to be an astronaut
And fly to space but his teacher told him that he just ain't go what it take
So he cried while the other kids played at lunch break
What will it take to raise out mindstate

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