If I Can't Lyrics

Everybody wanna rhyme like Hov'
'Cause I rhyme like, I be rhymin' in the Rove', rhymin'
in them HO!
Ma like the diamond will blind you at the show
I don't shine, I glow, I remind you of that dough
Don't I, did I, hustle the game, just the thought alone
Give me a boner, coach caved into a coma
Can't out hustle a hustla
You can't out play a player, this rap shit is a lay-up
In my former buis' motherf*ckers will spray ya
In the music buis' motherf*ckers, just say stuff
Spit on ya sprayer, niggaz just play tough
When the camera's on, when the camera's gone
Niggaz wanna set up meetings
'Cause they know most likely when I see 'em, I'ma set
up a beatin'
Windows no tints, cars, no rims
That's because we handle ours, like grown men
I ain't touch ya wheels, sent I drove the Ben'
That's 'cause it was a Coupe, nah I ain't suit
I'm just telling the truth, you Tom Cruise
You can't handle it, handle it, nigga is what I do
I try to be modest, on "Blueprint 2"
Y'all don't respect modest, y'all respect my dollars
You gotta believe, I think like an artist
But my bills through the roof, can't do numbers like
The Roots
(Oh No) No disrespect, I be tryna disconnect
But niggaz keep pulling me back in, trapped in
My pops gotta live wit this order, my whole live in
And I just got his living room ordered
And you wanna why the chip on my shoulders
Is more like a brick or a boulder, you understand
maybe, when you get older
Got a hundred niggaz on ya dick, saying you oughta
Record like this or what have you, nigga's is back
stabbing you
Bitches mad at you, 'cause they can't have you
Press wanna know about the daughter of Matthew
Now it's back to the hood again, all Black hood again
Back to old lady saying, what I coulda been
Back to the gats, you forgot, I'm real good with them
They gon' put a nigga in jail, oh well

[Chorus - 50 Cent]

If I can't do it, homey, it can't be done


I'm not the two, not the three, not the four, the five
I take the pain from my life, pour it all inside
Take my strain and my strife, take my ego and pride
Used it to kick down the door, brought my people inside
And I hope you, ain't think I wrote this
To entertain you, that ain't what I came to do
I will bang you, I will act like orangutan's do
I give you hot wings, turn niggaz to angels
Understand my angle, I'm safety first
Don't make me act, like the safety don't work
Tough niggaz get it the worst, I'm beggin you come for
I'm giving motherf*ckers, dirt com-forters

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Songwriter(s): Michael Elizondo, Theron Feemster, Andre Young, Curtis Jackson

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