Runz With Tha Buckshotz Gun Lyrics

Aaaaaaaa....double [x2]

[Verse One: Mr. Burn]
Can you see me in get down, we have car
Dark when you and Jason to the graveyard
No matter what feel f**k you
He mercy no could be buck you
We don't have so you hell minutes you can
So'll we can be thugs of a can and san

[Verse Two: Hermes Conrad]
Stay with the (?) we put you're lies
I flippin' the ?
Evil evil shit, be in the lies

[Verse Three: Homer Simpsons]
We get ?
To the cemetary, give me soul to lies you
Let's get him, so the bloody sin
Talkin' to blood see shell
I be dead you give runz with da buckshotz gun

[Verse Four: Turnga Leela]
Be you come this' Glock with the duckz
So ?

[Verse Five: Bender Rodriguez]
When the Bender, Zoidberg, Fry, Hermes go this
You ?
Goo goo goo goo goo goo goo da da
Goo goo goo goo goo goo

Shot shot goin' runz with da buckshotz gun [x4]

[Verse Six: Peter Griffin]
See givin' me no root of bloody grow
Givin' bloody body than she be that pump you
Give you grave me down you life
Bloody victim we I have f**kin' guts from a body
No matter ?

Lisa Simpsons of the walk 'em

[Verse Seven: Lisa Simpsons]
Givin your ?
Flippin' the ?

[Verse Eight: Dr. Zoidberg]
He your flippin' the ? slippin' the ?
f**kin' level, Bloody bodies we have your shit around my way
Get your ?

[Verse Nine: Grave]
Behave ya life, we a St. riding
He behave ya life, we a grive no chamber
He say these, flippin' the slave
We being have ya paws of blood nowhere
Don't forget of trash...I get ya live
Half no trash nobody else me
He say that shit ya mouth...

[Verse Ten: Buck]
He says run flippin' the ?
Here's the Buckshot
Everybody of push 'em slap
Shit shot goin' runz with da buckshotz gun [x16]

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