Fades Em All Lyrics

To tha beat ya'll... to tha beat ya'll
[Notorious B.I.G. "Ready To Die":]
"I drop lyrics off and on like a light switch"

[Verse 1:]
See I done chalked up another one
When I drop a ton
Take your favorite MC
And bring the light like the sun
Get done
Bow down, I be the one known to rock rhymes
With lines beyond yours to make it primetime
I'm the master of the ceremonym Mally G
It'll be a long time before you see another me
I be, high in the clouds
With the system pumpin' loud
Trippin', lovin' life, it's the illest juvenile
With my nigga Red, runnin' up in
Your spot with enough dick for you and a friend
Some killa ass weed for those who huff
And make you wanna kill a nigga
After takin' one puff of the stuff
Shit is tough
But all stress takes away
From the Tanqueray muder in my way
Young World, peep my method of madness
Watch it bring sadness
Because it's that thoroughness
It's just me against the world
Now who the f**k wanna see Jamal I fades em all


[Verse 2:]
I gets mad wreck when wreck is the concept
Stickin' techs to fake niggas necks when they flex
For those that don't know about my flows
Let me introduce
I'm anti truce plus pack a deuce deuce
I'm 5 feet 5 inches
I serve the best of the lyricists
I come swift, Def Squad soloist
I be one of the illest, realest, gettin' busy shorties
Rollin' with Reggie, smokin' blunts & drinkin' 40's
I'm rippin' niggas out the frame with information
When I unleash shit
I dust 'em off like creation
When it's on it's on
Worldwide on his momma and his, and his kids
I represent the east where niggas I'll... f**k peace
All the shit you talkin nigga
That will get yo ass deceased
Murder, haven't you heard of what I been droppin'?
Cause when I drop my I'll style
My style be poppin' like corn
Word is born
It's on again
I wet 'em up till them fess up
With the mac to their chiin
It's the black Mac 10 I never rome with chrome
When I do my I'll shit I only represent my home
It's P-H-I double the L, Y
When I'm in Newark, North 18th
Hittin' up Double I
Now sigh in relief cause y'all can't see me
I be the luniest little ass MC
Now... when I drop my format I make yo brains go splat
From what I pack niggas gots to react

[Chorus x2]

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Songwriter(s): Clarence Satchell, Osten Harvey, Barbara Mason, Sean Combs, Dana Stinson, Walter Junie Morrison, Leroy Bonner, Norman Bruce Napier, Marshall Eugene Jones, Christopher Wallace, Ralph Middlebrooks, Gregory Allen Webster, Jamal T. S. Phillips, Marvin R. Pierce, Reggie Noble
Publisher(s): Bridge

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