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IN THE CROWD - Paul Weller
When I'm in the crowd, I don't see anything
My mind goes a blank, in the humid sunshine
when I'm in the crowd I don't see anything
I fall into a trance, at the supermarket
The noise flows me along, as I catch falling cans,
of baked beans on toast, technology is the most.
and everyone seems just like me,
they struggle hard to set themselves free
and their waiting for the change
When I'm in the crowd, I can't remember my name
and my only link is pots of Wall's ice cream
when I'm in the crowd - I don't see anything
Sometimes I think that it's a plot,
an equilibrium melting pot,
The government sponsors underhand,
When I'm in the crowd
When I'm in the crowd
When I'm in the crowd
And everyone seems that they're acting a dream,
'cause they're just not thinking about each other
and they're taking orders, which are media spawned
and they should know better, now you have been warned
and don't forget you saw it here first
When I'm in the crowd
When I'm in the crowd
When I'm in the crowd
And life just simply moves along
in simple houses, simple jobs
and no ones wanting for the change
When I'm in the crowd
When I'm in the crowd
When I'm in the crowd
MR. CLEAN - Paul Weller
Daylight dawns, you wake up and yawn - Mr. Clean -
A piece of toast from the one you love most - and you leave -
You get the bus in the 8 o'clock rush,
And catch your train in the morning rain -
Mr. Clean - Mr. Clean -
If you see me in the street - look away -
Cause I don't ever want to catch you looking at me -
Mr. Clean -
Cause I hate you and your wife,
And if I get the chance, I'll f*ck up your life!
Mr. Clean -
Surround yourself with dreams, of pretty young girls,
and anyone you want, but -
please don't forget me or any of my kind,
cause I'll make you think again,
When I stick your face in the grind -
Getting pissed at the annual office do -
Smart blue suit and you went to Cambridge too -
You miss page 3, but the Times is right for you -
And mum and dad are very proud of you -
Mr. Clean -
IT'S TOO BAD - Paul Weller
All we seem to do is talk about it
we always end up shouting about it
there was a time we could overcome it
But it's too late to say we'll just forget it
It's too bad that we had to break up
and too much said for us to ever make up
I could get by if I could just forget you
but things remind me and I feel so sad now
I could say I'm sorry
but it's not the point is it?
you want to play your games and
you don't mind if I get hurt.
Same old feeling everytime I see you
and every avenue I walk I'm behind you
your back is turned and your eyes are closed girl
you move in circles that are out of my reach now.
FLY - Paul Weller
The way that sunlight flits across your skirt,
makes me feel I'm from another world,
To touch your face in the morning light
I hope you're always gonna be around.
The times I struggle to understand why,
The ancient proverbs like "Who am I?"
"Why am I here" and "What have I done?"
I see the answer's place my trust in you.
Trust in you love, be with me then
That's when I want you, that's when I need you the most.
I want us to be like Peter Pan,
But dreams it seems are weightless as sand,
And man's supposedly is made of sand,
It seems that man cannot survive at all.
Let's disappear love, let's fly away,
Into the demi-monde, into the twilight zone.
The times inside I spent screaming at you,
Release me please from this mortal jail,
One shrug or smile can determine my fate,
I'm lost for days and have myself to blame.
Something I'm giving, is yours for the taking,
Something like sunlight, Love is a spotlight,
Love is all sorrow, still I'll meet you tomorrow
And look forward to see you, now I can't live without you.
Picked you up and let you down and
I never said a word -
But I'm different now and I'm glad that you're my girl
Mess you 'round and upset you - I hurt you most of all -
But I'm different now and I'm glad that you're my girl
Fun lasts for seconds, love lasts for days but
But you can't have both -
And I'm different now but I'm glad that you're my girl
Because I know I done some things
That I should never have done
But I'm different now and I'm glad that you're my girl

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Songwriter(s): Paul John Weller
Record Label(s): 1978 Polydor Ltd (UK)
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