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[Intro: Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith]

[Skip Bayless]
Is he worth it Stephen A. Smith? No he's not. And I wanna be careful with what I say because I do like and respect Chris Paul. He's actually a lot like Cliff Paul off the court
He's a nice young man I enjoy being around him
You were with him yesterday

[Stephen A. Smith]
Great home trainer

[Skip Bayless]
Yes Sir

[Stephen A. Smith]
Parents are fabulous

[Skip Bayless]
Yes Sir

[Stephen A. Smith]
And his brother

[Skip Bayless]
But to me, he is not a max salary superstar in this league. Not yet. not after eight NBA seasons and Stephen A., it jars me...

[Verse 1]
Man, I don't give a damn what another man think
I'm done chasing pink
I'm rather wear mink in the summer
Like that damn boy heating up
Swear that I'm a bad niggy 'fore the season's up
I'm re'in up
Making sure the stock is right
Nowadays got me thinking like it's Harlem Nights
With black on black and plaques on plaques
And stacks on stacks and germo-racks
Had to hand it to him it was just a dream till I
I worked for it
Stopped believing in people that didn't work for it
And it all came like the kid really meant for it
God's gift only paying if I sent for it
Saw they left a tight spot but I went for it
Now the block's hot every nigga rockin' Ventwood
They love me when the struggle start stoppin'
Drive to the bank and a nigga start clockin'
Yeah, and a nigga start clockin'
Bang bang
Yeah a nigga start

[Verse 2]
What you thought this shit was handed I couldn't have planned it any better
Worked seven summers for that foreign leather
And the Jag with a tag saying go and get it
I been the king since the hair couldn't fit the fitted
I'm the alpha and omega translation
I'm the greatest revelation
Making statements
f*ck your patience
Y'all been hating
I been waitin'
Stacking paper
Throwing this vacant
Time for tasting
Feeling like pockin' a four
Ain't never happened before so I'm the revolutionary for the canaries with the vet takin' checks from too many bitches
Like i'm Mack when i was back in the four
Push the Jag no tags down Providence Road
Tryna' make enough money for my mama's bills
If I really want it I go get it at will
To my niggas that's real
Young and chasing a mil
Young and chasing a mil

[Verse 3]
Tired of niggas saying I changed
Tired of niggas saying I ain't ready for the fame
I don't even sound like Cole
He don't even sound like Hov'
Shots all around for my woes
If you want to run it it's a go
Gleese in the trunk was a legend in the four
Heard they live forever like the pot on the stove
I been cooking out since back when I was down on
And I'm the real reason that you're not here
I'm the real reason that you switched gears
I'm the real reason t hat you ain't drop your album in the summer 'cause you know the young nigga here
And I'm the real reason that you're not here
I'm the real reason that you switched gears
I'm the real reason t hat you ain't drop your album in the summer 'cause you know the young nigga here
Talk to 'em whoa

[Outro: Skip Bayless]
In eight NBA seasons, as he goes into his ninth
With pressure mounting
And now the pressure on Chris Paul will be like never before to produce with the upgraded Clippers roster
Remember in eight postseasons
Never passed the second round
Last two postseasons - Swept by the Spurs - four straight - and then lost four straight last year to Memphis
This is superstar Chris Paul
So Stephen A., I look back to how far has he gone? he's never passed the second round and even against the Spurs back in '08 remember that? Chris Paul .

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Songwriter(s): Jalen Santoy
Record Label(s): 2016 Ventwood Entertainment EMPIRE
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