Lionheart Lyrics

Verse 1:
Yeah, real life, young go-getta
About to hit 'em with his own, get the show set-up
Now his whole city's proud of their own little
Boy that would grow into a full-blown gorilla

Yeah, now he's a beast that would grow bigger
Venomous tongue, in his zone, son is a cold killer
No dopedealer, but he supply the fiends
Tell 'em what he tells the skinny girls - go figure

But little did they know he would own every
Track he got on, drop bombs on these bullshitters
And hold (-ing) the microphone steady, man, he's so ready
He's already going for the throne and gold medal (yeah! )

Haters want to see him gone but he won't let 'em
And if you ever thought he would, homie, you should know better
Nah, he's no quitter
Just a man with the heart of lion trying to show 'em that I won't give up...

Chorus (x2):
Are you ready for me now?
I'm coming at the speed of sound!
La-lionheart... La-lionheart...

Verse 2:
Tell 'em all to make room for the new kid
They all thought was running out of fuel, now the dude's spit
Sicker than any possible flu that the news pick
To push, man, he's looking ready to shoot, got the fuse lit

So that's what I did, been on the move since
I am so prepared for battle even my mood swings
Plus I made a vow to always give 'em my two cents
Right until they picking up a new scent

f**k it, I'ma live life, go and get it while I'm young
'Cause that shit'll make you blind like you're staring at the sun
So I try not to worry and just have a little fun
'Til that 9 millimeter leaves the barrel of the gun

If you think it sounds harsch, just look at where my heroes went
They either died from a bullet or from heroin
So I guess from here on I'm the heir to the throne
To carry the load and go 'til they bury my bones...


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Record Label(s): 2013 Zeroville

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