Mackin' Hard Lyrics

Nigga I'm mackin', nigga nigga I'm mackin' hard [x8]

(like this)
(shit, it's what I do)
(eh, you know who this is nigga)
(it's Jae)
(yo Fireman, you crazy for this one)
(I feel this shit though)
(know, from a shot right)
(someone get on my pimp shit, you dig?)

Nigga I'm mackin', nigga nigga I'm mackin' hard [x8]

(yup, come on)
(uh huh, yup)
(let's go, come on)
(uh huh, ok, ok, look)

I'm trying to get up in my zone, right? (right?)
Yeah that chrome nice, shorty if your dome nice
Maybe we can bone, aight? (uh huh)
She put up a strong fight
Then I had her gone twice
You know that on wrong nights
Had to send her home, right?
I don't want my own wife
Shorty was blessed, from her ass to her chest (uh huh)
And she passed up the rest, (uh huh) so I had to confess
The game I got, (guess what) so unstoppable
And shorty be on her knees (when) as soon as possible (ok)
And right after I'm done, all I do was diss her
Dismiss her (goodbye) as soon as you come home you kiss her
Look mister, (uh uh) I think it's time you faced the facts
Every nigga in your hood had that shorty on her back (true story)
Some had her on her side, just sweating all the way
I know, me and Fireman had her on her knees (yup)
That's why I don't like tricks, (uh uh) find me a nice bitch
As soon as the lights switch I'm a give her this pipe quick (woah)

Nigga I'm mackin', nigga nigga I'm mackin' hard [x8]

(uh huh)
(chyea, you know who this is nigga)
(it's all I do man)
(you don't believe you can ask about your boy)

Look, look this is me drinkin' my bottles into noon
Some models in the room, ya'll bustin' down it's cool
Ya'll just wallow on us soon
Her mouth open so wide she can swallow a balloon (damn)
But I don't need no girl, I ain't Diddy, I ain't Loon
Way up in Cancun, (uh huh) we flyin' out in June
Ho's tend to come out (when) when the flowers start to bloom (ok)
But they sayin' I'm a pun-like man, I'm not a player
I f**k a lot, (what) I'm down for the one night stand
But if one mic stand, we got an issue (issue)
One night thing girl let's make it official (official)
Do you like tissue, use you, dismiss you (miss you)
Why'd you think I dissed you, I never tried to kiss you (uh huh)
I wished you kickin' with my squad do them freaky things (ok)
'Cause I heard from around that it's sex you think (I heard that)
After we drink this hand (uh huh) and smoke this grand
And after that girl, (what) you takin' one for the team (huh)

Nigga I'm mackin', nigga nigga I'm mackin' hard [x4]

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