Curse Lyrics

Curse: Jacob Ray Salazar
Sometimes i feel like im the first on this earth to be cursed with this curse and fall headfirst and when i rehearse with every verse it gets worst and i want to burst cuz this thirst starts to submerse from the sea
and i see what it means to be me and now its free and unleashed
now im lettin it go and im lettin it out

and everyone’s gonna be sorry that they ever had doubt
Its the need for singin my whole life into it
but i bleed for bringin my whole life into it
now this curse is running threw my blood and my veins
and cuz this curse i cant feel any of my thoughts or my pains
and now im coughin up blood before i sing
because im thinkin bout anything and everything that i should be fightin for
cuz there’s nothin more in this war that’s worth diein for
but somethin worth your life should be worth tryin for
and i can feel this curse take over when i take the stage
and i can feel this curse lettin out all of my rage
but there’s nothin i can do i cant stop it now now i just sit back and listen to it all come out
now its taken over and the words comin out my mouth
and when i look down i can see the crowd but that’s all i remember cuz then i black out
and when i come back in the songs already done
and when i look down i see this man with a gun
and i take a bullet to the left shoulder
but that’s all i remember because this curse jus took over
and when i come back in the mans layin dead in the floor
i dont know what happen but everyones runnin out the door
they’re all pushin and tryin jus tryin to get through
and the more mad i get the more the curse grew
but then i stopped and looked at my shoulder
and the bloods going lower and lower
and the blood just speeds up instead of going slower
and then i crashed out for a second well it felt like 2
but then i woke up in an emergency room
i was layin on the bed and had a needle in my arm
and had some pills on the table that said they were from the pharm
i could tell that i died and now this curse was livin through me
but i didnt know what this curse could grow up to be
and this curse will get worst if i dont let it free
if someone could help or at least pray for me
cuz this may be the last time i sing
one week later now i guess i was wrong
the only thing this curse has done for me was make me strong
he's singin with me, standin by my side
now he’s singin his lungs out knowin he don't have to hide
sometimes i feel like im the first on this earth to be cursed with this curse and when i rehearse with every verse it gets worst
and now its out and its loose in the world it will roam
and this curse is in the world with my body as its home
and i can feel that inside that im still alive then when i arrive the news'll go live
and then he'll sing so step into the ring
cuz this curse'll knock you down
and with the s*** we spit you wont last the first round
Devil is evil jus with a D
and it feels like i got a little one inside of me

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