Bang Bang Lyrics

This is la madarina just call me quanto, but nowadays everybody wanna be bianco; quess I'm renaming but I ain't blaming'em I laugh at these bitches they macadamian 305 chin checker straight down south girl you f**king with the real cocaine cowgirl, but you can copy her she got it from me; you know them little men they always wanna get it for free straight out of the line ain't been stepped on the last real bitch alive I just been slepted jack gripper no ones above and I'm hated for the same reasons that I'm loved they welcome contradictions hypocritical thieves but ion play with muts they all got fleas, money make me smile mothaf**k a friend and I don't let shit slide I love revenge

[Chorus: x4]
Bang bang
Chicks to need to copy name

Man this bitch is jacki jacking she she improvise more than an italian actor seems like stress ran outta material she lack fiber like a box a cerial f**k patience moderate meditaion any technicality is a good retaliation, how these broke dimes is nonsense before you get on my page read the fine print jacki reserve the bianco put my foot up in a rap bitch ass pronto I don't do allies they call streasion I don't do emotions they cloud reason I don't play games, I don't play fair, I don't play viticm but I do play dare no mercy love numb pain is like shame I only feel that once

[Chorus: x4]
Bang bang
Chicks to need to copy name

Ya'll better tell these bitches that jacki is bad news keep a eagle on my stomach like one of my tattoos if I up it I'm a aim it if I shoot it don't blame me my mama didn't want me the streets could'nttame; better slow down tell em stay in they place before I snatch they lace and have to razor they face bitches ain't trash they dumpsters put a side up on'em we don't come in monsta's; we don't got sticks we got logs send me like mike vick killing dogs and all uh, we don't tolerate haters cut'cha ass up and feed ya ass to the gators my shit clean they stepping on dope non dancin hoes stepping on toes; bitches bout as they facial features makin desperate moves is a sign of weakness

[Chorus: x4]
Bang bang
Chicks to need to copy name

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