The Chosen One Lyrics

I feel like the Chosen One, I feel like the Chosen One
When I come around, they be actin like they owe me something
I just got the motor running and we still got mo' to come
Treat me like a father, I'm a teach you how to hold a gun
From day one, I been an independent thinker
Not a money on my mind, try and get it to my fingers
And it's not about the money or at least I think it wasn't
But I'm all grown up now she diggin' my demeanor
Attracted to my confidence, swagger hella prominent
It's actually astonishing they mad at my accomplishments
And bitch I got the sauce, you can check inside my kitchen
All you ever gonna find is f*cking packets full of condiments
Jack ain't got no common sense, I think something wrong with him
Y'all ain't f*cking with we now, I ain't gonna call it quits
If I beat it up I guarantee she tellin' all her friends
And that shit ain't okay with me, so I will never call again
I can hear them talking shit, I feel like it's fuel for me
No I don't wanna pop a pill, that shit isn't cool to me
I don't wanna do a feature please don't ask me for the price
Guarantee it's out your budget, give it up there's more to life
I am not the one that you should be triflin' with
They see I got it now they all wanna ride with the kid
And you ain't got it, so I wish you stop trying and quit

So if you don't love it, if you're not having fun doing it
And you don't really love it, uhh, you're going to give up
And that's what happens to most people actually
If you really look at the ones that ended up you know
"Being successful" unquote in the eyes of society
And the ones that didn't
Often times it's the ones that are successful
Loved what they did so they could persevere

Yeah, errbody wants to be a rapper
All up in my messages they askin "How to be a rapper?"
I can't f*cking help you if I could it wouldn't even matter
If you want to get up on my level, you 'gon need a ladder
Really though, man, I swear it's simple to me
If I want to get this music poppin', it's a pimple to me
I can feel the pressure, but I don't feel like it's gettin' to me
When it comes to people that's around me, I be pick and choosing
Yeah, yeah, working like I got no other choice
If you think it's dope, they probably got it from the boy
Heard them talking bout me but they never stepping to me
Cause they know that that's an option
That they probably should avoid
I got people round me don't know how to act
We 'gon spend a weekend in Atlanta, going down and back
Winner's derby weekend in the city
I be working like a thoroughbred, catch me in the studio
I'm going round and round the track
These rappers had me for a second then they lost me
Never leave the studio unless I'm out with Chauncey
'Member when these girls, used to never want to call me
Now I hit the stage and they sexually assault me
Shit been crazy as of late, couple things that we been working on
Gon' take me out the state, all that shit you been tweetin'
Come and say it to my face, if you ain't down here making music
You just taking up the space, so get the f*ck out

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Songwriter(s): Phinesse The Beat, Jack Harlow
Record Label(s): 2016 Private Garden Records
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