Ain't No Breeze Lyrics

I started on my life's first break
when my own mamma said, "kid you're a mistake"

And it didn't get better when I got older
my dreams got dimmer, my future got colder
In front of Jenny Parks, I maid myself a fool
in Kindergarden on my first day of school

I asked the girl/goddess-if I could hold her hand
And she shot me in the eye --- with a loaded rubber

In first grade fell in love with my teacher Miss Mead
stayed after school to say teach me to read ?

"Yes of course", she said
and patted me on the head

"what does this say ?" (I asked) pointing to my book
when she leaned down to help I couldn't help but Look
Big round beautiful grade teacher breasts
got a slap across my face (I) failed my next test

A few years later at the age of ten
was fishing with my Pops and and my old man, (and he
pushed me in)

down I sank to the bottom of the sea
When a whale swimming-by pissed on me

Came back to land as a ghost to see my dog
But he growled when he saw me cuz now I'm made of fog

Then I walked down the hall to see my brother Roy
Little punk was in my room already playing with my toys

left the house went down the street
to see my little darling (little) sweet Marguerite

She was watching TV with a grin on her face
I said, hi but when she saw me she said, you're a

What's the idea of coming around and trying to scare
Don't you belong with a harp somewhere

I'm ten year old ghost
with a case of blues
Don't like being dead
cuz I got nothing due

So enough of earth no, they didn't want me none
So I began to fly to the heavens high above

But when I got there They wouldn't let me in
They said, "this isn't the place for little boys who

So down I went through the depths to hell
But they said, "You're to young here you can not dwell"

Where to now ? Don't know what to do
Just a ten year-old ghost with a bad case of blues

I'm ten year old ghost
with a case of blues
Don't like being dead
cuz I got nothing due

Walked down to Alentejo - no where else to go
And saw a pet cemetery on a cliff above the shore

Dead birds, dead cats, and a crying old lady
crying her eyes out over a dead canary

"Now I have no one in this world to be my friend
Why go on living - never be happy again"

"Don't cry", I said, "lady I'm all alone too
I'll be your friend and I promise never to say BOO"

And so I was adopted by Dona Conceição
Now I'm her ghost grandson - little Korovorowng

Now together we reside at a house in a tree
we bake and eat lots of cookies and we drink lots of

she teaches me things - she tells me stories
now life after death is fun cuz she adores me

A ten-year old ghost
no longer feeling blue
Don't mind being dead
now I got lots to do.

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Record Label(s): 1997 Edi es Valentim de Carvalho, S A

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