Beastin' Lyrics

Beastin on it, Issa on it
Beastin on it, beastin on it
Issa on it, beastin on it, beastin on it

Issa on it, beastin on it
I'm goin' ham dis beef baloney
I'm eatin' on it, feedin' on it
Now i gotta call it beakin on it
Man I'm goin' demon on it
Dis song gonna be hot if I'm breathin' on it
I'm a hethen on it, hyena on it
I killed the beat that easy homie
I feel bad, that he get on it (?)
I murdered it, blood leakin' on it
Ether on it, with Issa on it
You already know, no need to ask
And I've been up in the ring (?) so yall's beef can
I don't really think that we should collab
I'm trynna save you, cuz it could go bad
I never ever ever wanna rap again
Get on the track with him and your rap career
Is what you could be gamblin'
I'm a snake on the beat I'm rattlin'
Yall aiht doin' nothin' but babblin'
I ain't doin' nothin' but swaggerin'
Yall ain't matterin', every beat I'm tacklin'
Line backerin', Ha! I'm a rock star Mick Jaggerin'
Everything I'm shatterin', and I'm latterin' to the top
And the girls say that I'm flatterin, and I'm
And I'm blexed up, cuz I'm next up
And I'm a beast man, I got beast infection
My flow tight, it got yeast infection
My money talk, I don't speak much
Spit acid make it reflux!

Issa on it, beastin' on it, beastin' on it (x7)
Issa on it, Issa on it

I'm 16 with an attitude, I really couldn't be in a
badder mood
This beat is makin' me mad at you
So i'm attackin' everybody that's attackable
Betta hope your scent ain't trackable
I'm in beast mode, not peace mode
Your career will get repoed, Yall about to get Deeboed
By a lil' man with a ego, and a strong will, I was born
Ready or not, here I come, Imma find you like Lauryn
I'm a rapper killer, serial, see haters in my perivial
Leather in my interior, and my rims high, I'm superior
Tented windows for the curious, I'm young but I'm dead
Can't figure me out, I'm mysterious, I'm is curious,
I'm furious
I really don't care what the theory is, Imma do it my
way anyway
Everybody trynna piggy back cuz I got a half a mill in
my piggy bank
Sayin' I'm not notorious is just like sayin' Biggy
Yall betta sharpen up your pencil, cuz I'm commin' with
my utensils
And I'm eatin' everything anyway, you been a fake
trynna ambulate
I jut chored he track, you can't renovate
And this industry is my realestate

Issa on it, beastin' on it, beastin' on it (x7)
Issa on it, Issa on it

Issa on it, beastin' on it, beastin' on it (x8)

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