Toyota Mode
Irv Da Phenom


Toyota Mode Lyrics

[Verse 1]
La-di-da-di I came to party
'Til I heard this beat now I'm finna catch a body
Like I popped him in the melon with a 12 gauge shotty
They ain't buying what you sellin' when you tell 'em you the hottest
Now that they done heard about Phenomenon and know about
The way I 1-8-7 beats and then I put 'em in the coffin off
And rippin' a couple syllables up to leave 'em in awe
And it's ridiculous how quick this chicken came up out of her bra
And I'm a gentleman to the women if they tip the slutty broads
But in the end I'mma leave the feminine gender without they draws
They just be hoppin' up out 'em see
A room and a bottle be
All it takes to have her giving up brain like a lobotomy
Talkin' bout she in college and went to school on a scholarship
She hate her baby father and on the side she be modelin'
Don't have a f*ck to give although I wish that I was able
Done invested all our minds into a record label
That Def Metal Gospel a crew full of rebels
All gas no brakes put the pedal to the metal
We be in Toyota mode (yo what's Toyota mode?)
All gas no brakes homie all we do is go
*laugh* What's Toyota mode? All gas no brakes homie all we do is go
I'm in Toyota mode (x2)
All gas no brakes all we do is go
I'm in Toyota mode (x2)
Put the pedal to the metal mash it to the flo'
I'm in Toyota mode (x2)
All gas no brakes all we do is go

[Verse 2]
All gas no brakes, you ain't finna stop it
And I don't talk much 'less money be the topic
But if you talkin' money we can have a conversation
You can come and get it with me or be sidelined hatin'
Either way I'm finna make it 'cuz I gotta thank the Fam-a-lam
That's why I blaze the track and leave it smokin' like it's Amsterdam
Damn it I go H.A.M. and damaging man the hand to hand
And it's pronounced Phenom, it ain't Phantom you understand it man?
Tu comprehende? Capiche? Dog you just a bitch an' I'm a pit that's off the leash
Keep on poppin' at the lips I'll have you missin' all your teeth
F around and catch an L cuz you tryna be a G
These niggas raps is SNL, it's hilarious to me
The rap game is SNL, it ain't what it used to be
Y'all should get some J-O-Bs and just leave the booth to me


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Record Label(s): 2013 DEF METAL GOSPEL

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