Payback Lyrics (feat. Diabolic & Ras Kass)

f*ckin snakes man
f*ckin up our lives
ima take a piss in your oil fields
i want some motherf*ckin payback so

i wanna run for president, and the focal point when im
is to put FEMA to work on a plantation in Camp David
demand payment for New Orleans with the best of
launchin missiles at the White House while Tech's
on the lawn and i'll just let em burn, till deaths
laid to rest with worms, cause otherwise they'll never
i'll form a coo attempt with anthrax through the feds
from out a package i got in the mail that you can send
but i got a better punishment for these republicans
i'd let em live so they could see us overthrow the
let's f*ck with them, have the first lady beat me off
till my semen's launched, then i skeet across her face
like Peter North
and i won't leave a doubt, what we about, when i dream
em out
i'll leave a drought, bleedin out, on Condoleeza's
i'll seek this route, without regrets, and drink a brew
to think of you
cuz if its the last f*cking thing i do, (i'll pay you


(ras kass)
yea, immortal technique
nigga, i never forget nothing, nigga

51% of the world's bank is owned by the U.S. Treasury
robbin third countries of all their resources and
when afghanistan was fightin the russians, reagan and
bush gave bin laden weapons
and told them get to bussin
we even called them freedom fighters
financed the troops with CIA imported cocaine
that whole Iran-Contra scandal
niggas took the blame, started a War on Drugs
meanwhile Russia's defeated, America's thinks more oil
for us
Takeover, set up a puppet government
and ras aint bearin it
so the same freedom fighters, george w called them
poetic justice, payback's a bitch, these f*ckin
like bill o'reilly, right wingers deserve what they get
rush limbaugh, drug addict, giuliani, sex scandal
i want to thank white supremacists, they show you how
my techs hand em
my next nanotechnologically designed that spit sars to
all you stupid ass execs
that capital resigned


(immortal technique)
haha, i got something for you motherf*ckers
here you go

the first payback that i would accomplish
i'd draft children from the senate and congress
pompous religious right made suicidal
when i expose josephus for ghostwritin the bible
makin nuclear silos bomb the world with hydro
chinese dragon sized blunts americabo
and everyone flashin a gun on a dvd
i'll make them niggas shoot it out with nypd
and every f*cker that didn't buy my cd
i'll stab the revolution in they neck with an IV
see me own the world, i'd give it back to the poor
i'd give a last name to every single son of a whore
hard to the core, f*ck what the game is
niggas pop on they block, but they globally nameless
i'll show the hood real gangstas and make them famous
langley, virginia, where my connect for cocaine is
i'll make everybody f*ckin have the world darkening
i make rap about lyrics, not beats and marketing
replace every rape virgins broken hymen
holdin de beers, reclinin, while they choke on they
my designin is like francis ford coppola rhymin
building a universe inside solitary confinement
i'd reverse rockefeller laws and bring mumia home
and serve the president freestylin off of the dome

to the outgoin president, i got a great idea, why dont
you kill yourself

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Songwriter(s): Mike Busbee, Chris Eaton
Publisher(s): BMG Gold Songs, Du Dilligence Music
Record Label(s): 2008 Viper Records LTD
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